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TIKTOKER ZETHU GQOLA visits BLACK COFFEE penthouse at Hallmark House.

A week ago on 20 May, Grammy Award-winning DJ Black Coffee announced on his Twitter and Instagram pages that he had designed a luxury penthouse suite at Hallmark House in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

In four pictures the Subconsciously producer gave his fans a glimpse into the luxury suite, and until Zethu Gqola’s videos surfaced this week, a lot had been left to the imagination.

TikTok star @zethugqola got to visit the suite and gave followers a more detailed and intimate look into what can only be described as one of the best hotel design collaborations in South Africa, if not the whole continent. The penthouse is a collaboration between Black Coffee, renowned interior designer Tristan Du Plessis and Steyn Entertainment.

With bedding, wallpaper and bathrobes by South African luxury clothing brand Maxhosa, artworks by Stay Low-signed artist Khalipha and graffiti and carpets designed by African Ginger, the double-story penthouse suite is a South African wonder on its own.

Watch Zethu Gqola’s guided tour on her TikTok, which has amassed over 19 000 views in less than 24hrs, and a video she curated of the penthouse on its own on her Instagram here.


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