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Under Armour’s JTC mens collection: Armour up and get ready to PROTECT THIS HOUSE.

The movement that has rallied athletes for two decades to defend their turf returns in celebration of the new JTC Men’s Collection, shifting focus to armour up and go all-out for something bigger than ourselves: our team.

Under Armour Protect this house

When today’s athletes hit their breaking point, it's their team that pushes them to keep going. That's what Protect This House is all about. And now they have the Armour to go with it – the new JTC Men’s Collection.

Under Armour believes that the power of sport can unite, inspire, and change the world. They are on a mission to empower the voices of their underrepresented athletes, teammates, and communities in their ongoing effort to Stand for Equality.

Twenty years later, Protect This House is still a rallying cry that ignites a fire within athletes–it's about believing in yourself, having a sense of pride, and pushing yourself to your limit to accomplish greatness for yourself and your team, both on and off the court.

Under Armour Protect this house

The training, sweat, and camaraderie that enables athletes to Protect This House is even more crucial today than it was in the early 2000s because athletes, as a collective, have shifted their mindset from “me” to “we.” Under Armour has always understood not only what athletes endure during the game, but how competitors are born and bred behind the scenes, and away from the cameras and crowds. Everything a player goes through helps them commit to their team and their team’s success.

Beyond the field, beyond the athlete, lies an apparel brand ready to step up and perform to the highest standards. Allowing their athletes to ‘ARMOUR UP’ this collection speaks of bold moves, record-breaking actions and the greatest performances seen to date.

Under Armour Protect this house

Introducing a collection of high-performance men's sportswear from Under Armour that's designed to elevate your athletic experience. The Men's HeatGear® Printed Long Shorts features HeatGear® fabric for extreme comfort and weightlessness, equipped with strategic mesh panels for ventilation, sweat-wicking material, durable ergonomic design, an exposed elastic waistband, and a convenient Drop-in Strength Pocket™.

The Men's UA Challenger Pro Training Shorts are perfect for football enthusiasts, offering unrestricted movement through ultra-light, stretch-woven fabric, with added ventilation, 4-way stretch capability, and a secure zip pocket.

For baselayer excellence, the UA HG Armour Comp SS presents super-light HeatGear® fabric, mesh panels, sweat-wicking material, and ergonomic design for durability, along with a hybrid raglan sleeve construction.

Under Armour Protect this house

These offerings reflect Under Armour's commitment to providing athletes with top-notch gear that enhances their personal and competitive journey on and off the field.

Under Armour, no stranger to the bigger and better forms of life once again proves its expertise in apparel deliverance. After having recently harnessed AI to generate the world's most inspiring Team Talk and bring forth a greater meaning of what it means to “Protect This House”, delivers yet again a collection that is the culmination of innovation, originality, and high-tech performance – evidence of the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The “Protect This House” JTC Mens Collection launched on August 31st both online and in-store with pricing at R799.00.

The movement, which first rallied athletes two decades ago to defend their turf, returns in a new form, shifting focus to a mentality that’s bigger than going all-out for yourself, but for the team.

Together, Armoured Up, we Protect This House.

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