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Van Loveren’s Almost Zero range is guaranteed to get you through lockdown.

Almost Zero by Van Loveren Family Vineyards has taken South Africa by storm. This de-alcoholised wine range is made up of the popular Wonderful White, Ravishing Rosé and Radiant Red. What makes this trio stand out from the rest is that while alcohol is currently off limits during lockdown, as a non-alcoholic drink this range is available to purchase as it is classified in the same category as fizzy drinks.

As the perfect alternative, the Almost Zero range makes it possible for you to enjoy a glass of tipple with your dinner or watching the sunset. With less than 75% less kilojoules in each glass (and only 2.2g/100g of sugar and 4.2g/100g of carbohydrates in each bottle), it’s the perfect guilt-free drink enjoyment. Banting-friendly, Almost Zero is the perfect substitute when you're trying to shed the post lockdown weight.

Now that we have your attention let’s bring you up to speed on this range:

Ravishing Rosé shows all the divine colours of the traditional favourite with ever-present flavours of Turkish delight. Enjoy as a healthy aperitif or with oriental dishes, desserts and pizza. Its sibling Radiant Red, which still retains all the antioxidants normally found in a red wine, is fruit-forward with notes of ripe mulberry prominent on the palate. It's also great as an aperitif or with pasta, meat dishes and pizza. The Wonderful White is notable for its delicate flavours of apple, citrus and tropical fruit with a crisp and lingering after-taste It's fabulous on its own or with a winter-inspired salad.

Better yet try your hand at making a delicious Almost Zero mocktail or sorbet. For some inspiration as well as more information on the range visit

From bottle to glass, Almost Zero looks like wine and tastes almost like wine but it is a non-alcoholic drink. The near-absence of alcohol means by law it can't be called wine, although this de-alcoholised wonder begins life as such. To remove the alcohol, it is gently spun, allowing the wine to spread thinly across steel cones and the alcohol to evaporate. High precision ensures that what's left is a distinctive wine body, colour and flavour. Except now with almost all of the alcohol gone, Almost Zero is the healthier option with the same great taste.

So spread the word about #VanLoverenWines #DrinkAlmostZero and tag Van Loveren on Facebook and Twitter.

During lockdown you are still able to purchase your bottle of Almost Zero from most retailers which include Pick 'n Pay, Makro, Spar, Checkers and Agrimark. The recommended retail price is just R69.99.

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