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Welcome the Warmer Weather with Brighter Blonde Hair.

They say blondes have more fun— but whether you were born with blonde hair or you’ve decided to lighten up your locks at the salon, blonde hair requires specific maintenance, especially in the warmer months.

All of the best things about heading into summer—the sun, swimming and time spent outdoors can have a super damaging effect on your hair, making the colour fade and turning your tresses brassy whilst leaving it feeling fragile and dry. It’s really important you look after it, especially in summer.

With advanced ranges for coloured hair that needs extra care and products to make your colour pop, PRO:VOKE, a brand that has been toning hair since the 1970’s has something to make you, and your hair, look and feel amazing every single day. Here they share some of their summer haircare top tips to keep your blonde looking its best throughout the sunny months.

Refresh Regularly

We all know that chlorine and salt don’t do wonders for your hair, but the warmer weather in the summer means you’re likely to be lying on a lilo or surfing some waves at the beach. To help reduce the amount of damage, make sure you wash your hair with cool, fresh water before and after. Our hair is super porous, so rinsing it first will limit the amount of damaging chlorine and salt your hair absorbs and will wash away impurities afterwards.

Replenish Moisture

Just like you, your hair gets dehydrated in the heat of the summer. But there are quick, easy ways you can keep your hair hydrated to ensure it doesn’t dry out in the warmer weather such as using  an intensive or colour care conditioner.

Relinquish Straighteners

It’s no secret that heat styling can dry out your hair. So, with the increased humidity and risk of sun damage during the summer, try not to add extra heat to your hair and dry it out further. Embrace your natural texture with top-quality products and gentle styling.

Maintain Shine

In summer, the mixture of hot sun and time in the sea and pool means your hair can take a lot of stress, this can mean it loses a little bit of its shine. Using a brightening shampoo can help to bring that shine and radiance back into blonde, platinum, or grey hair, whilst neutralising yellow and brassy tones at the same time.

Get prepped with PRO:VOKE’s haircare superheroes that’ll bring out the best in your hair colour.

Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo (R95.99) brightens hair colour in just one wash. Formulated with a unique mix of violet and blue pigments, this purple shampoo restores your hair colour by removing yellow and orange brassy tones, whilst optical brighteners add shine.

Touch Of Silver Intensive Conditioner (R95.99) improves hair health and structure in just one wash. Formulated with restorative proteins from our keratin repair complex, this rich and creamy conditioner targets dry, damaged hair to help rebuild and protect its structure. Combined with a nourishing blend of anti-ageing properties and optical brighteners, hair is left smooth, moisturised, and shiny.

Keep your hair colour bright in between toning or colour treatments with the Touch Of Silver Colour Care Shampoo (R95.99). Formulated with anti-oxidants and optical brighteners, this shampoo protects against environmental pollution to safeguard your colour and boost shine, resulting in healthy hair that feels fresh and rejuvenated.

Touch Of Silver Colour Care Conditioner (R95.99) leaves hair shiny, strengthened, and deeply moisturised in between toning or colour treatments. Formulated with anti-oxidants and optical brighteners, this conditioner boosts shine and keeps hair colour bright, whilst helping to repair damaged hair by infusing moisture. Hair feels more nourished, smoother, and silkier.

PRO:VOKE is available at Pick ‘n Pay, Clicks and Dis-Chem stores.

Instagram: @provoke.haircare_southafrica

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