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WELCOME TO PARADISE... Hansgrohe products enjoy the island life.

Take a moment to paint the following scene in your mind: you’re sitting on the deck of your private villa in Seychelles, with nothing but the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding you. It’s sunset. You’re on Eden Island, just off of Mahé; a luxurious residential marina development of breathtaking beauty.

It was in early 2003 that the Eden Island Development Company first drew up plans for the project, bringing Hansgrohe in from the very start to assist in the interior decorating. The development is comprised of apartments, Maisons and villas, ranging from 88 square metres to 3000 square metres, depending on where you choose to live.

The Hansgrohe contribution

The experts at Hansgrohe wanted to help design a soothing living experience, and the en-suite bathrooms were created with this concept in mind. The colour palettes used in the rooms inspire relaxation and complement the oceanic vista outside.

A mixture of Hansgrohe and AXOR products and ranges feature throughout the houses; more than 500 units custom-designed for this development. The intention was to create a balance between opulence and modern functionality; crafting products to suit the individual requirements of each room.

The Montreux Effect

Inspired by the turn of the century, the Montreux range at AXOR played a major role in the Eden Island project. Easily identified by the slim pipes and visible nuts, the Montreux bathroom collection is one of Phoenix Design’s greatest innovations. The high spout and handles speak to a timeless frantic, less complicated, less stressful. In fact, the range embodies the extravagant opulence of the wealthy, juxtaposed with the timeless fragility of classicism.


The kitchens play host to a slightly different style, fitted with Talis S2 Variarc products. The Talis range is an award-winning product line, with the Talis S easily identified by downward-slanting, conical spouts and its famous slender pin handle. The S2 Variarc comes with a pull-out spray for ease and convenience; making it one of Hansgrohe’s most popular choices.

A great collaboration

Together, the Talis and Montreux products - along with a few other tailored items - assist in turning the lavish homes of Eden Island into unrivalled structures of beauty.

Completed in 2016, Eden Island has more than 500 homes on 56 hectares (with 16 hectares of private waterways) and offers a luxurious experience second to none.

“One-way ticket to the Seychelles please.”
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