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In today’s age of fast fashion and high street retailers, the clothing industry has the fastest growing category of waste across the world, with top fashion companies producing clothing at such a high rate, their sales cannot keep up. Society’s need for the newest and trendiest line of clothing leads to thousands of tons of waste produced by the fashion industry - a major concern for the earth’s environment.

Luckily, we have the ability to make a change. By supporting local, eco-friendly and handcrafted fashion businesses, we can take care and protect our precious planet and local economy.

Woodstock Laundry is a South African business specializing in a wide range of sleepwear, and they have decided to focus on environment-friendly production and distribution. Their approach to ‘slow’ fashion has meant they have become the makers and masters of their own brand, doing all the designing, cutting, sewing and finishing touches themselves, in their happy and friendly workspace. They are a family-owned business of highly skilled artisans who make all their clothing by hand and heart, spending time and effort to perfectly curate each item. With their personal touch and planet-friendly ethos, it is ensured that all items are 100% natural fiber, sourced from eco-aware partners and of great quality.

They are focused on reducing waste as much as possible to protect our planet, repurposing as much as they can and using only recycled-paper packaging.

Offering sleepwear for women, men and children, Woodstock Laundry has comfortable and stylish options for the whole family, allowing everyone to do their part in saving the planet and supporting their home country.

Woodstock Laundry – Handcrafted in Cape Town

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