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Welcome to the World's First Anti-Ageing Eatery!

Come and eat yourself pretty!

Welcome to the world’s first ever anti-ageing eatery. At Clenergy, they

guarantee that every item on their menu and in their food emporium is free of

refined sugar, low in carbs and wheat-free, meaning your health is always at the


At Clenergy, they believe to feel and look good, you need to eat good. While the

team recommends incorporating a wide variety of nutrients in your diet,

Clenergy’s kitchen offers an array of delicious dishes, including grilled steaks,

kingklip, sesame-crusted chicken wings and more! You can even tuck into a

saucy burger, too. Is your mouth watering yet? They also cater to a wide range

of dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets!

Yes, Clenergy a healthy eatery, but that doesn’t mean their food is anything

except delicious. Their signature rump steak is 1.1 inches thick, aged for 28

days and marinated for 24 hours in a unique blend of herbs and spices.

Healthy food is by no means tasteless. On the contrary, Clenergy's meals are

filled with herbs, spices and a little bit of love to make sure your meal tantalises

the taste buds. Their goals are to satisfy you with a delicious dish that will have

you craving a signature Clenergy meal more than anything else!

The team combine healthy eating with decadent dishes and mouth-watering

flavours. Their desserts are bountiful and completely refined sugar-free. How?

Their secret ingredient: plant-based sugars! This sweet alternative has a very

low glycaemic index and doesn't spike blood sugar or Insulin. It can also be

considered a weight-loss-friendly sweetener as it contains 40% fewer calories

than sugar. Never fret! Their desserts are still equally delicious!

Welcome to Clenergy, South Africa’s first ever anti-ageing restaurant!

To make a reservation, please contact: (010) 443 3301 or email:

Follow the conversation on social media -

Instagram: @clenergysouthafrica

Facebook: @clenergysouthafrica

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