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When game changers unite to create a better South Africa.

OneSpark Changes the Insurance Game, the new-age, globally backed, startup on the block that’s completely re-inventing insurance and doing everything they can to create a better future for all South Africans, is proud and excited to announce Siya Kolisi & Lungi Ngidi as their brand ambassadors to be a part of the growing OneSpark family facilitated by Roc Nation Sports.

OneSpark’s founders, Greg Smith & Josh Kaplan have always been purpose-driven, passionate South African entrepreneurs. They have lived their lives under the single-minded pursuit of trying to uplift people and society at large. That’s why they became actuaries, designed dozens of award-winning insurance products, helped create one of Africa’s largest Social Impact Bonds and finally, started OneSpark, a company who’s dong everything it can to help create a better future for all.

OneSpark is changing the insurance game, forever. “Our current suite of products can create a nation of millionaires, where for every one million South Africans we protect, our products will inject at least R1 trillion back into the South African economy. Our soon to launch life insurance products will do even more, changing everything the world thinks it knows about life insurance.” Shares Greg Smith, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of OneSpark.

Springbok world-cup winning captain, Siya Kolisi said: “I have always been passionate about giving back, and seeing the work that Onespark is doing to allow South Africans to lead better lives is exciting to see. I know first-hand how communities are struggling financially from the work that we do with the Kolisi Foundation, everyone is hoping for a better future.

Giving people opportunities to take their financial future into their own hands will change

the lives of many communities. It is great to be a part of a passionate, purpose-driven and enthusiastic family like Onespark.

“I’ve been privileged to have sport as a vehicle to give me financial independence, but there are many people in South Africa who don’t have the same opportunities and tools to financially take charge of their lives. I had a difficult childhood growing up without a lot of financial support, but sport was the gamechanger in my life. OneSpark is the game-changer people and society, so this partnership was the perfect fit for me,” South African cricketer, Lungi Ngidi said.

“Just how Siya & Lungi have changed their respective games and profoundly impacted South Africa, so too is OneSpark changing the insurance game and helping to create a better South Africa for all. OneSpark, a company whose very name typifies everything we stand for: it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your background is, all it takes is one person, with one spark of an idea, to change the world. Together with Siya and Lungi, two South African and global change makers who personify everything that we stand for and the enormous potential that South Africa holds, we are setting out to change lives and South Africa, one policy at a time.” shares Josh Kaplan, Founder and Joint CEO of OneSpark.

All it takes is OneSpark to #ChangeTheGame and the world forever. For further information and to sign up, visit

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