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Why Eating a NESTLÉ KIT KAT, the Right Way Makes All the Difference.

In partnership with your favourite comedians, KIT KAT’s new “Put A Smile In Your Break” campaign reminds South Africans to never let challenges get in the way of enjoying life.

Stress and anxiety are an inevitable part of our lives. According to the 2023 Edelman Trust Report, economic optimism in the consumer is collapsing. From work pressure to personal chaos, there are several factors that can make it difficult to stay bright eyed and bushy tailed. However in true Mzansi style, one thing that should not stress you, is how to take a break from umgowo - with KIT KAT.

Social media is in a frenzy as celebrated musician and comedian RobotBoii, during an interview on the newly launched Popcorn and Cheese podcast, started eating his KIT KAT in an unconventional carefree way, leaving us all wondering, why the bizarre act?

What does the way you eat your KIT KAT say about you?

Breaking it into individual pieces is the classic way to enjoy a KIT KAT bar. You can break the chocolate bar into individual fingers savouring each light and crisp bite. This is what many of us associate with how one should take a break with KIT KAT – but there is more…

Eating it whole may seem like the epitome of chaos but there is a method to this unconventional stance. It offers an indulgent experience, giving you a burst of chocolate and wafer goodness in each bite and it gets the job done. Sometimes you don’t want to wait; you just want to enjoy a mouthful of chocolate.

RobotBoii took it too far by snapping his KITKAT fingers into pops and tossing it into his mouth as if they were roasted peanuts. If you are one to prolong and savour moments, then you and RobotBoii might be kindred spirits.

In response to this quirky KIT KAT moment seen on the Popcorn and Cheese podcast, comedian and digital content creator Molemo Lehoko (aka Lemii Loco) has taken to social media with his own twist of how he enjoys his KIT KAT. In his video, the comedian sits at a table decked with a fork and knife, and takes us on a fine dining experience savouring the chocolate piece by piece. This has inspired more content creators across Twitter and Tik Tok to join in on this challenge by sharing their favourite ways to consume the product, going as far as asking the rest of South Africa to share their verdict.

Prominent Twitter personality Karabo Mahapa (aka Kay Mahapa) joined the KITKAT Bite challenge by showing us how he savours his KIT KAT over a week, while others like Nkanyezi Kubheka have thrown all caution to the wind by taking big bites out of their favourite chocolate. The well-known way of breaking your KIT KAT finger by finger is also a popular method as shown by Nompumelelo Nkoso (aka MprueDie).

KITKAT lovers across the country are encouraged to join this viral social media challenge by sharing pictures and videos of how they eat their KITKAT, using #KitKateBite and tagging the brand @KitKatSA.

“The ‘Put A Smile In Your Break’ campaign seeks to remind South Africans to never let challenges get in the way of enjoying life. The KITKAT Bite social media challenge has shown that the country has diverse opinions on how to eat their favourite chocolate wafer bar, but what is uniting, is this light-hearted approach to appreciating life’s simplest pleasures” says Kuvashni Bhangwandas, Category Marketing Manager for confectionary at Nestle East and Southern Africa (ESAR).

On the 15th of April 2023, chocolate enthusiasts can make their way to Krispy Kreme Rosebank Mall for an immersive, exploratory KITKAT experience. This will be an opportunity to take a well-deserved break courtesy of a much-loved chocolate brand, while having a chance to meet and great your favourite comedians and content creators.

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