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Why SWATCH is the hottest watch you need to get your hands on.

Lets chat SWATCH and their history....

SWATCH started out during the "watch crisis" period during the late 1970's and early 1980's. up until that point, the Swiss watchmakers were accustomed to creating elaborate timepieces, they created watches that were there to withstand the test of time and last a lifetime. These watches were often family heirlooms that were passed from one generation to the next.

But in 1983, SWATCH created the plastic watch that would soon start an epic revolution in timepieces. These watches were not only affordable pieces but they were soon going to conquer the world of timepieces. This was the start of a new watch culture, which even started the SWATCH club. These watches were not just pieces to tell them time but an extension of one's personality that was creatively and carefully constructed through the design of these time pieces.

This allowed people to purchase and own multiple watches and to give them the freedom of changing the watch to suit their mood and personality that day.

SWATCH is a leader in company fields of technology, product design and marketing sales and SWATCH is a global brand. Artists and talented creative people are now part of the design process with regards to the watch designs. There is a watch to suit every situation, with colours ranging from, red, yellow, blue, black, white and violet to name a few.

The material used on the SWATCH watches are just as dynamic. Using elements such as silicone wristbands, pin buckles and plastic casing, they make these watches comfortable enough for every day wear but also robust to not stop life and looking good whilst doing it.

The Spring and Summer 2018 collection brought a new Mediterranean and sailor air to Swatch watches, thanks to the collection named Swatch Mediterranean Views, where you can find the most spring designs you could imagine for this season. Stripes and lines that evoke the sea and the sun in the purest Mediterranean style in different and luminous colors and tones that you will not want to take off from your usual summer attire.

This spring celebrates the return of good weather by giving you an uniquely designed watch that will match perfectly with your favorite spring or summer clothes, in Swatch Mediterranean Views you will find the most suitable models to wear under the bright sun on a bright day at the beach

 NOW let's review the gorgeous little Master Piece and work of art we received...

This little red and white beauty is known as CUTOTTO. Let me introduce you to this beauty.

It was designed by the world renowned anthropologist and talented artist, Paola Navone, the CUTOTTO evokes Chinese pattern paper-cutouts silhouettes. It is a combination of both the Eastern and Western Cultures by forming what some would see as every day objects into a piece and work of art.

Plastic casing so we know it's durable for those busy bodies and outdoor lovers.

A silicone strap to keep the watch exactly where you need it.

It's water resistant for up to 30 metres.

Its lightweight and durable so adventure lovers it's cute and definitely one for you.

Make sure you get your SWATCH watch today.

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