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Winter makeup tips for glowing skin and striking eyes.

South African summers can bring about harsh weather, and going from extreme heat to icy temperatures, dry air and rain in winter, can wreak havoc on our skin. When winter hits, it’s time to adjust your skincare and makeup routine to accommodate the cold, the wind, the rain and the effects of indoor heating.

While there are some pretty standard makeup tips you can follow all year round, one thing is for certain – if you don’t apply and wear your makeup cleverly during the colder months, it can draw attention to dryness, dullness and flakiness (all of which are prevalent in winter!).

This winter, our focus is on dewy, glowy skin (yes, this is totally possible to achieve in the heart of winter!) and – because our protective masks aren’t going anywhere – a focus on the eyes.

Here’s how to get glowing skin and striking eyes this winter:

Prep your canvas

You should be applying moisturiser every morning, but if you’ve been skimping, now is the time to pick up the pace. Moisturised skin wears foundation much better, as it provides a hydrated base (which helps with the glow) and a smoother canvas to work on. ZERO’s Day Cream (R399.00) and Night Cream (R399.00) offers intense nourishment and moisturisation in a plant-based, gentle formula. Because your skin likely needs all the hydration it can get, a hydrating primer is your new best friend. We recommend wet n wild Prime Focus Primer Serum (R149.95). This lightweight, ultra-hydrating water-based primer serum refines skin for longer-lasting makeup application, allowing your foundation to glide on effortlessly for a luminous, flawless finish.

*Tip: Save your matte primers for summer – in winter you’ll need all the help you can get to create radiance!

Avoid powder formulas

Powder foundations can make dry skins look dull, and are best saved for the summer months when your skin is more likely to get oily. Matte formulations can highlight flakiness if your skin is dry. So, for winter, select a foundation with a dewy formulation, like wet n wild’s Photo Focus Dewy Foundation (R119.95). Silky and creamy, coverage is buildable from medium to full, and it easily transitions from day to night wear. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, this moisturising formula blends seamlessly, blurs imperfections and helps minimise the appearance of pores for a perfectly smooth, dewy finish.

We recommend always applying foundation with a good quality makeup brush, to ensure it blends seamlessly into the skin. The newly-launched Real Techniques The Flawless Base Set (R499.99) contains everything you need for flawless foundation application: four brushes and an added bonus brush cup for your convenience (including the Square Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Detailer Brush and Brush Cup). The Square Foundation Brush is densely packed and unique cut to build custom coverage with liquid foundation – our top product for applying liquid foundation!

If you find blending easier with a sponge, try the Real Techniques Sponge Duo Set (R219.99). Boasting flat edges for high definition contouring around the eyes and nose, a rounded side for easy blending on the forehead, cheeks and chin and precision tip for blemish and imperfection coverage, these are the only sponges you’ll use this season.

Use highlighter

Yes, you can totally pull off highlighter in winter! In fact, it’s one of the best ways add a faux glow to your complexion. Select a highlighter with a pearlescent finish for noticeable glow. We recommend wet n wild’s Megaglo Highlighting Powder (R109.95) to perfectly accent your features.

Master false lashes

False lashes are the quickest and most effective item to vamp up your makeup and draw attention to your eyes, but lots of women struggle with application. Enter the brand new Kiss Magnetic Lashes: With no glue, no adhesive and no hassle, the secret behind these miracle lashes is its game-changing Magnetic Liner and double strength magnets embedded into each lash. As easy as it sounds, this game-changing product takes the hassle out of false lashes. Simply draw a line along your lash line using the Magnetic Liner and then gently apply the Magnetic Lashes.

The Kiss Magnetic Lash and Magnetic Liner can be bought separately or together in a kit for your convenience (R379.95) | Lashes sold separately (R229.95) | Magnetic eyeliner (R249.95).

A wintery take on the smokey eye

Traditionally, we bring reach for our best shades of charcoal, silver, grey, brown and nude when it comes to a smokey eye on a night out. In winter, you can switch up your eyeshadow shades to create a daytime smokey eye. wet n wild’s 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes (R139.95) offer ten super pigmented shadows in one convenient palette. For an office smokey eye, try Rose in the Air, a pretty collection of pinks, nudes and mauves. Some something a little more daring, try Cosmic Collision. Here you can really mix it up with shades of blue, purple, green and earthy shades.

The new Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Eye Set (R499.99) is your go-to for every eye look from a soft day shimmer to a bold and striking night get-up. With seven new brushes and a metal lash separator, this kit has your every possible need covered. Get the perfect smokey eye, every time.

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