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Wintergreen™ teams up with Project Barrier Breakers.

Topical analgesic sports brand, Wintergreen™, widely known for sponsoring rugby, has teamed up with Project Barrier Breakers, an all women cycling team for this weekend’s annual Double Century Cycling race.

“Wintergreen™ products are designed to support athletes though all stages of training, enabling them to remain in their finest physical condition,” says Justin Clohessy, Managing Director. “Wintergreen™ is standing behind women in our country, showing the world that they have the self-worth, confidence and freedom to perform at their best Wintergreen™ backs women in sport, and so should the world.”

Project Barrier Breakers is a team of passionate women who aim to grow women’s cycling in South Africa, empowering women through sport. This team is non-discriminatory, including women of all backgrounds, fitness levels and interests, aiming to allow everyone a safe and relatable community in an otherwise male-dominated sport. They hope to inspire and motivate other women, empowering them to reach their goals.

There are seven ladies currently making up the Wintergreen Barrier Breakers team competing at Double Century this weekend and they hope to inspire others to join the movement.

Meet the Team

Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius (31) aka Maaikie/Kriek – Owner Beam Analytical (Pty) Ltd

Elrika is the founder of Project Barrier Breaker, her never-say-die attitude is the glue that holds the team together inspiring them to reach their goals.

Bike: Road Argon 18 Go – being built in lead up to DC 2020, called Rubidium. MTB Cannondale Scalpel Si 2019 called Lithium.

MTB or Road: MTB, train on road, but mostly MTB

Hero: Anika Langvad and Ariane Luthi - I would say because they started cycling later than “normal” and I can relate to that. They are fierce and determined competitors but also show their human side.

Message to women athletes: “Just enjoy it and don’t let anyone out there tell you that you can’t do something”.

Tyla Setzkorn (22) - Student

Tyla has a passion for women’s cycling and a mission on this earth to invest her time, skills and love in to uplifting women through cycling.

Bike: MTB - Cannondale Scalpel Si 2019 and ROAD (Canyon Endurace WMN CF 8.0)

MTB or road: I would call myself a mountain biker with a pinch of roadie.

Hero: My hero is my very own mom who has always been my example of getting back up after being knocked down and then coming back stronger with lessons learned and character built.

Message: There are so many incredibly strong female athletes out there and it is a wonderful thing to look up to them! But do not compare yourself to such an extent that you feel like falling short. Those top female athletes also had their day one – your journey is different and use past obstacles to really build on your character on and off the bike. Oh, and do not go through this life without a torque wrench!

Tegan Phillips (27) - Cartoonist and adventure cyclist from Cape Town

Bike: Road bike (Basso Venta) whose name is Svago (Italian for ‘fun’, and if you say it lots of times it sounds like ‘goes far’), and MTB (Cannondale) whose name is Jasper because he’s a fun bike and Jasper is a pretty fun name I think.

MTB or Road: My main experience with cycling is touring (big steel bike, long and slow, carrying everything on bike), and then road-cycling a bit as sport. Just getting into MTB now and crashing a lot. My ultimate dream is long term ultra road/gravel racing: riding as fast as I can across countries and continents (Cairo to CT!).

Cycling Hero: Fiona Kolbinger, the overall winner of the 2019 Transcontinental Race (self-supported race across Europe) riding about 400km a day for 10 days straight. She did it with such humility, and inspired me and many women like me to realise that we don’t only have to compete in ‘the women’s category’ - we can compete outright!

Message: “Don’t set realistic goals, because we generally underrate ourselves when we think about what's 'realistic' for us - instead, keep trying to take on challenges that you think are probably way beyond what you can do, just out of curiosity to see how far you get - 99% of the time it’s so much further than you expected!”

Renata Bossi (24) aka Ren – Versus socks

Bikes: My roadie is a Liv Avail (named Olivia) My MTB is a Specialized Epic Comp (Named Max, short for Maximilian. It means 'greatest')

MTB or Road: used to be trail runner, until a knee injury prevented her from continuing on this path, enjoys the road, but getting into MTB more and more.

Cycling Hero: Emily Chappell. The 2016 Transcontinental (non-stop self-supported race from Belgium to Greece) winner. Her concept of 'The Invisible Peloton' - is something I often refer to when I am having a tough day on the bike. By imagining the strongest women I know supporting me while I suffer, my strength is renewed and I am able to push through the most adverse conditions.

Message: Make cycling fit into your life, and mold it into exactly what you need it to be. Whether that's being a weekend warrior, an endurance athlete, a merry commuter or a full on elite rider, it's important to remember that our relationship with cycling is ours to shape. Ignore the boxes, wear what you want, ride how you like, and always remember there is a space for you in this sport”.

Bianca Silberbauer (25) aka B – Ciovita

Bike: Rocky Mountain Element name; Dr Frank N. Furter MTB or road: MTB all the way! Cycling hero: CJ Selig, the first female rider to take part in the Fest Series, basically the biggest badass out there! Message: “Don't listen to the people that tell you that you can't do something because you're a girl, do it and do it well, it feels damn good to show up the haters!”

Cally Silberbauer (26) aka Cal and a variety of other options – Ciovita

Bike: His name is Scotty (he's a Scott Spark).

MTB or road: I am 100% MTB, the mountain is my home.

Hero: One of my MTB heroes has got to be Kate Courtney, she's so skilled and continues to create a space for women in the cycling world.

Message: “My motto would be to keep going. Sometimes it feels like you are making no progress but trust the process. One day you will look back and realise how far you have come. And celebrate the victories no matter how big or how small”.

Kayleigh Gultig (23) aka Kay -

Bike: Specialized Diverge aka Pienkie (Afrikaans accent essential)

MTB or road: Trail runner with the consistent need to mountain bike or road bike when the views are pretty

Hero: All the hardcore female athletes for their ability to keep going for hours on end. Courtney Dauwalter, Naomi Brand, Lucy Bartholomew to name a few.

Message: “Ride bikes to appreciate the beauty of nature and thrill in the freedom of adventure. Ride to meet friends for life and test your limits. Ride without fear. Don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t.”

Cathryn Masterson - Team Biokineticist:

Cathryn studied Sports Science and went on to do her honours in biokinetics. She met Elrika during her university years, playing netball for a club in Stellenbosch. They have always remained friends and since Elrika started cycling, her legs have needed more TLC (because cycling is tough on the legs you know!). After many coffee dates and discussions about starting the Project Barrier Breakers concept/team, Elrika thought it would be wise to have a team “Mom” and who would be more perfect to join the team than Cathryn?!

Cathryn is a registered Biokeneticist and qualified sports massage therapist. She studied at The University of Stellenbosch and completed her internship at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, in Newlands. She has been in private practice for 5 years and opened her own practice with a friend and now business partner Zilke Kolenic in December 2018.

Her interests include, but are not limited to: sports injuries and rehabilitation, special populations and general conditioning. She is passionate about sport and people, and is driven to improve an individual’s well-being and quality of life through exercise.

Message: “Life is like a coin, you can spend it anyway you want, BUT you can only spend it once”

To follow the team this weekend please visit @wintergreensport and @projectbarrierbreakers on Instagram

The Full range of Wintergreenä is available online at,,,,, and at the WP Rugby shop (Cape Town). Select products are available at Sportsman’s Warehouse, The Bare Foot Concept Store (Cape Town) and various Cycling shops nationwide

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