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Woodrock Animal Rescue, takes over Ark Animal Centre to continue their legacy.

In rescue we all have one goal, one mission.... and that is to save animals.


FOLLOWING ARK’S STORY IS AN INSPIRATION! A Shelter that proudly saved thousands of lives, and made a massive impact on adoptions and life changing happenings for dogs, puppies and mothers. It is safe to say her following was largely owing to her gentle kind approach to what we know as Rescue.

The personal ingredients of love, devotion and team work, as a dedicated united family of 4 powerful women, is what made all the difference, who, over 9 years, relentlessly saved thousands of lives. This formidable team Tracy, Candice, Kristy and Cara led Ark with passion and drive. In Rescue there is no other way.

"You guys built an empire on heart and love. Your focus and goals were always to save the next one", says Stella Meldau from Woodrock Animal Rescue.

"You gave up your lives. Christmas, family gatherings, Easter celebrations, were all centred around Ark in your quest to speak up for the voiceless. You did it with such grace! This is the end of an ERA! Woodrock NOW have BIG SHOES TO FILL!" At your reveal on Facebook, it became apparent how respected and loved Team Ark is.

"Woodrock pledge that we will continue to be Ambassadors to this Amazing Brand, a brand that took the market by storm for the past 9 years." Stella went on to say, "Tracy, you can be rest assured that Woodrock will forever advocate your Mission of Pro-Life, Sterilisation and Education, and strive to uphold your Pursuits, Vocation and Dreams. It will not be easy. The legacy of this great empire you and your beautiful family have created will continue."

At times life dishes out strange comings together. "We are dictated to by the times. Maybe it was meant to be. Covid-19 definitely played a major role in this happening. Tracy, you my friend, can take a bow. You created a Shelter that was loved and respected. We are in awe of your drive and devotion and will carry your banner forward with pride. EMBRACE the next chapter of your life with passion, although we know Rescue will always remain in your blood!"

Team Ark will forever be that Shelter that led with HEART! This “marriage” of the two Shelters has come together and will beat as ONE HEART! Ark's emblem is a heart! How APT! Woodrock Animal Rescue will be supportive in all Tracy does moving forward, and in whatever she sees in her future. She has been brave enough to say goodbye to Ark. Life will surely reward her with magnificent hellos.

THE BIG QUESTION ON EVERYONES MIND IS… How will Woodrock survive with the merger / take-over? WE WILL, WE CAN, AND WE MUST Woodrock Animal Rescue runs on structure and focus. They have a very strong team who are up for the challenge. Ark supporters have been so generous in the support of the take over. They thank every Ark supporter for your kindness. Please know that our home is now your home.

WHERE TO FROM HERE... Woodrock cannot underplay the effect that THE CORONA VIRUS is having on the economy. Due to this pandemic many have lost their jobs and the future seems uncertain. Fact is that ANIMAL charity is often last on the list of donors. 

Having said that, they unfortunately do not have the support of a regular food sponsor. So readers this is where you come in..... They are asking you, our animal community, to support their cause.

We are appealing to one and all, to our supporters and followers, PLEASE dig deep and help us survive these dangerous times.

They have a feeding scheme providing food to animals of the locals and surrounds. With many families having lost their source of income, we have had to accelerate feeding, and of course add more locals to this project. Uncertainty makes Man reconsider and re-look at their world. Sadly, as a by-product, people are also forced to surrender their pets.

Click HERE for MONTHLY donations Click HERE for ONCE OFF donations

Do your part!!! Get involved, donate what you can, every little bit helps!

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