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World Cat Domination Day – All hail our feline overlords.

The 24th of June marks a monumental day in the calendar for every cat parent out there. No, it's not the anniversary of your cat's first nap (though every nap is worthy of celebration). It's World Cat Domination Day.

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“Yes, it’s the day we acknowledge the universal truth that our feline friends don't just think they rule their parents, their houses, and the world - they absolutely do,” says Marycke Ackhurst, pet behaviour expert from Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Their reign begins at home – From the moment your cat sashayed into your life, it was game over. Remember when you thought you'd be the one setting the rules? How naive you were. The instant those whiskers twitched, and those eyes narrowed, you were ensnared in a web of purring persuasion and paw-pointed commands. Your house, which you once believed was yours, is now unmistakably their kingdom.

  • The throne room – Every cat ruler knows the value of a good vantage point. The top of the fridge, the back of the couch, or that one sunny spot by the window – these are the thrones from which your cat surveys their domain. You're merely a subject in this sprawling empire, fetching food and providing a warm lap on demand.

  • The royal diet –Your cat knows that true royalty deserves only the finest. How many times have you found yourself coaxing them to eat with homemade treats that would make gourmet chefs weep? And let's not forget the impromptu ‘hunt’ in the middle of the night when they decide their toy mouse must be subdued at 3am. This is their world, and you're just living in it, opening food bags and showering them with catnip mice.

Hills Pet care

World domination: The broader perspective – Cats don't limit their rule to mere households. No, their ambitions stretch far beyond the confines of four walls. If there's a patch of sun or a neighbour’s garden, your cat claims it with a regal nonchalance.

  • The neighbourhood prowler – Ever noticed how your cat saunters around with an air of casual authority? Each garden is another fiefdom, each wall a watchtower. They move with a purpose, pausing only to disdainfully acknowledge any human brave enough to approach. Other pets? They scatter before the might of your kitty’s imperial presence.

  • The online empire – Cats have extended their dominion to the virtual realm. From Grumpy Cat's eternal scowl to Lil Bub’s adorable mug, felines rule the digital space. They’ve taken over our social media feeds, becoming memes, influencers, and content creators. Your own cat may not be internet famous, but they certainly demand (and get) as much attention as any celebrity in your life.

Hills Pet care

Celebrating World Cat Domination Day – So, how does one celebrate World Cat Domination Day?

The answer is simple: by acknowledging the undeniable truth that your cat is the master of all they survey. Ackhurst shares a few suggestions:

  1. Extra treats: Offer your kitty their favourite delicacies and watch as they deign to accept your offerings. You can make some delicious homemade treats out of Hill’s food.

  2. Prime nap spots: Ensure their favourite sleeping areas are free of disturbance. Fluff those cushions, clear those spots, and let them nap in royal comfort.

  3. Interactive playtime: Engage them with their favourite toys. Remember, this is as much about entertaining you as it is about them stretching their predatory skills.

  4. Social media showcase: Share their majesty with the world. Post pictures, videos, and anecdotes celebrating their unparalleled charm and charisma.

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