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Your showerhead: the ticket to the perfect escape.

It’s a few moments’ reprieve before you get the children ready for school. It’s an opportunity

to decompress after a long day of work. It’s your body’s soothing reward after a tough

workout. Every day needs a little escape, and a shower – that personal, solitary, sacred

space – is undoubtedly the perfect way to achieve it.

Fortunately, with over 60 years’ experience in plumbing industry, Cobra is here for you as

you go about making your perfect escape possible. Cobra’s exceptional products – including

its remarkable showerheads – make these ordinary, everyday moments what they are:

opportunities to feel relaxed and revived.

“The showerhead is perhaps one of the most critical features for a perfect shower,” says Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa. “It can be the very thing that shifts your experience from calming to frustrating, from invigorating to enraging, from magnificent to miserable. A showerhead that delivers a superior showering experience every time, and that provides you with the flexibility to match your shower to your what your body and mood require, is the ticket to the perfect escape.”

Cobra’s Spectra Collection is a range of innovative shower products and exquisite designs

that ensure you have total control over your shower. They’re also so simple to install and

retrofit that you could easily do these bathroom-enhancing adjustments yourself.

Some of the showerheads offered as part of the Spectra Collection include the Spectra

eTouch, which allows you to change the spray pattern with a remote control, and the

Spectra Duo, a 2-in-1 design that comes with a wide showerhead and a hand shower, as

well as a magnetic docking station.

“The Spectra Rain offers one of the very best overhead shower experiences available, using water-saving technology to mimic the feeling of rain,” adds Stride. “And then there’s the Spectra Switch and the Spectra Hand Shower, both of which allow you to seamlessly switch between four different spray patterns.”

Whether you need to be swept away, dream of escaping to the

tropics, or perhaps yearn for a short Zen retreat, the Spectra range from Cobra is here for

you. To find out more, visit the Cobra page on the website.

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