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A South African and a Krazy Kiwi are cooking up a storm in the local meal-ki

A Krazy Kiwi Kook Box

Kook Box meal kits

A South African and a Kiwi – normally a recipe for disaster, but not always as this powerhouse couple have proven. Simon and Nicola Nesdale have cooked up quite a stir in the Western Cape with their successful Kook Box meal kits business, helping families once again enjoy cooking and eating healthy meals together!

Over two decades ago a Krazy Kiwi banker, Simon Nesdale, met a South African accountant, Nicola, whilst working in London and realised, much to the head shaking of their parents, that it was love at first sight! Two children later, who refused to pick sides either and publicly declare themselves to be “All Spring Blacks” they decided to move to South Africa.

“I am the son of a New Zealand sheep farmer and agricultural graduate, it doesn’t get more Kiwi if I tried,” says Simon Nesdale, owner and founder of The Krazy Kiwi Kook Box. “When we moved to South Africa, I realised banking was not fulfilling and decided to return to my passion by starting The Krazy Kiwi Butchery and Deli which was established in December 2011.”

For the next 10 years the business continued to grow, with exponential growth in the home delivery business, leading to the launching of the Krazy Kiwi Kook Box in December of 2021 where customers across Cape Town could order meat products. Enter the Covid-19 pandemic and with the butchery shop lease needing to be renewed, the strategic decision to focus primarily on their rapidly expanding online food delivery business was made.

“The pandemic opened people up to the idea of ordering online, and with many people trying to simplify their lives over that crazy time, we realised that high quality, healthy meal kits were in serious demand,” explains Simon. “With many other companies already operating in this field, we knew we would have to offer something special in order to capture the markets attention.”

“A key differentiating factor is that all our sauces and dressings are freshly made from scratch in our kitchens. We do not use any processed or bottled, sauces or dressings at all!” says Simon. “We also keep our meal kit recipes as simple and uncomplicated as possible; we do not want you to have to use every pop, pan and food processor in the house to make one of our suppers!”

Kook Box meal kits

“To keep our meal kits as healthy as possible, we only use fresh, locally sourced, free-range products. This way we are able to guarantee the meals are not only as tasty as possible but are also as nutritious as possible."

Kook Box have partnered with ForeverStrong Gym, aligning their healthy meal options with the gyms suggested meal plans. They also offer winter stove top cooking options, especially for our South African loadshedding conditions, and will be introducing a Summer Braai option for our love of a good South African braai and loadshedding over mealtimes.

For more information about The Krazy Kiwi Kook Box and what they have on offer, please visit

Facebook – @krazykiwikookbox

Instagram - @krazykiwikookbox


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