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Amajoya Launches Creamy Milkshake Flavoured Toffee Chews.

Amajoya has been making everyday moments extraordinary for over a decade, and they’re launching something new to tickle our tastebuds. The NEW Amajoya Milkshake Flavoured Toffee Chews allow you to experience the taste and feel of a real milkshake like no other candy can. Think back to that first sip that made time stand still. The Amajoya taste experience will evoke that memory and the emotions that come with it.

Marvellous Milkshake Flavours Mixed with a swirl of real dairy and Amajoya magic, Toffee Chews are available in three exciting milkshake flavours; strawberry, banana and chocolate.

Like all things Amajoya, Toffee Chews are made with real milk and quality ingredients. This allows the extra-creamy and slightly chewy texture to create a silky milkshake mouthfeel – a flavour range inspired by elements from nature.

For a Chew Like No Other

“There’s nothing within the chews or even in the toffee market like our Toffee Chews.” – Amajoya Category Marketing Manager, Liezel Fourie

Toffee Chews are ideal for kids' lunchboxes, party snacks, or as an energy boost for the active person on the go. Individually wrapped and available in 100g packs, they are perfect for sharing. These treats are irresistibly light and oh-so-creamy from the first bite to the last chew.

Where You Can Find Amajoya

Amajoya is available in stores nationwide. Pop into SPAR, Makro, Clicks, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Checkers, and Shoprite to stock up on Amajoya's Toffee Chews, Original and Signature Smooth Candy, Original and Signature Toffees, or our Sugar-Free range.


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