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Celebrate WORLD EMOJI DAY with CROCS JIBBITZ: Express yourself from head to toe!

In this digital age, emojis have become a universal language that transcends borders and allows us to express our emotions in a fun and creative way.


To honour the impact of emojis on our daily communication, World Emoji Day was established, providing a global platform to celebrate these colourful and expressive symbols.

Additionally, the popular trend of adorning Crocs shoes with Jibbitz, charming decorative accessories, has added a new dimension to self-expression.


Since its inception in 2014, World Emoji Day has been celebrated on July 17th each year. This date was chosen because it is the same day that appears on the iconic "calendar" emoji. World Emoji Day aims to recognize the impact of emojis on our digital conversations and their ability to transcend language barriers. Emojis have become an integral part of modern communication, allowing us to convey emotions, ideas, and reactions more effectively and creatively.


While emojis dominate the digital realm, a unique trend has emerged in the physical world, allowing individuals to showcase their personality through fashionable accessories called Jibbitz. Jibbitz are small, colourful charms that are specifically designed to fit into the holes of Crocs shoes. These whimsical accessories range from popular characters and icons to letters, animals, and food items. With Jibbitz, Crocs wearers can personalize their shoes and make a fashion statement that reflects their interests, hobbies, and individuality.

Here are some of our favourite emojis and their matching Jibbitz:

Red heart ❤️

Fire 🔥

Star ⭐️

Clapping hands 👏🏻


What makes Jibbitz so appealing is the sheer variety available. From beloved cartoon characters to sports team logos, and cute animals to movie-inspired designs, Jibbitz offers something for everyone. They can be easily attached or removed, allowing wearers to change their shoe decor according to their mood or occasion. Jibbitz have become a creative and playful way for people of all ages to express themselves through their footwear, adding a touch of personal flair to their style.

Express yourself with Jibbitz this World Emoji Day, and fully load your pair of Crocs to stand out from the crowd!


To shop these Jibbitz, and your next pair of Crocs, be sure to visit their website at and follow them on Instagram @CrocsZA.


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