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Dive into a vibrant celebration of colour from top local interior designers.

With a refreshing splash of aqua, an energising burst of orange or a calming hint of lavender,

colour has the potential to shape the spaces we inhabit both visually and emotionally – and

no one knows this better than interior designers and decorators. Which is why three highly

regarded local studios will showcase the power of colour in immersive and captivating

Plascon Colour Design Pods at this year's Decorex Africa shows. Get ready to dive into a

colour experience with Hocus Interior Design Studio, Okhre Collective, and Mezzanine



Taking to the floor at Decorex Cape Town (6 - 9 June 2024, CTICC) and Decorex Joburg

from (1 - 4 August 2024, Sandton Convention Centre), the Plascon Colour Design Pods will

push these designers to explore and showcase the diverse and dynamic possibilities of

colour using the Plascon Colour Forecast for 2024. Dubbed ‘Vibrant Harmony’, this

installation aims to bring together the dynamic world of interior design and the latest colour


Mezzanine Interiors was founded in 1999 by interior designer Lee-Ann Bell. The interior

design studio and furniture brand based in Johannesburg has an impressive portfolio

spanning multiple corporate clients, and residential projects across South Africa and Dubai.

Stand-out retail projects include the popular Johannesburg neighbourhood café Croft & Co.


Hocus Interior Design Studio, based in Green Point, Cape Town, is another longstanding

studio set to demonstrate colour artistry. Established by Marcelle Crowther in 1995, Hocus

Interior Design Studio is a stalwart Decorex exhibitor previously named by Anne Roselt, a

former Colour Manager at Plascon, as the stand with the most inspiring use of colour.

Lastly, Ohkre Collective is a design-led architecture and interior design studio founded by

architects Phillip Nel and Heinrich van Zyl. With an impressive team of architects and interior

designers, Ohkre has earned a reputation for creating spaces and places that inspire and

captivate, such as The Sensorium Spa at Future Found Sanctuary, and is known for

numerous beachside residential homes.

To create the installation pods, each studio will choose a curated selection of colours from

the four colour palettes of Plascon’s 2024 Colour Forecast: The Dive In Colour Palette,

Origin Colour Palette, Eternal Colour Palette and Succulent Colour Palette.


Dive In’s aquatic allure is captured in nature-inspired blue hues including the vivid Caribbean

Sea (G7-A1-2) and North Beach (B4-B1-1), and more gentle Aqua Pura (G7-C2-2) and

Innuendo (B3-B1-3); while the Origin Colour Palette blends classic monochromes – Ewa

(72) and Light Reflection (Y6-A2-3) – with natural warmth like Rich Spanish Gold (Y1-C1-1),

Ginger Biscuit (O1-C1-1) and Turkish Tart (Y2-B1-3).

With its dusky, romantic shades, like Grey Archo (P1-E1-3), Ravine (62) and Fragrant

Flower (B7-D1-4), the Eternal Colour Palette stands in stark contrast to the Succulent Colour

Palette which captures botanical vibrancy in Cedarburg (O4-A1-1), Majestic Mountain (G2-

D1-1) and Lemon Tang (Y6-A1-3).


‘Each Plascon Colour Design Pod will serve as a canvas for creativity, allowing the brands to

express their unique design vision and highlight the versatility of Plascon’s colour range,’

says Peter N Mukarakate, Colour Specialist at Plascon. ‘We are excited to collaborate with

these esteemed brands to create an unforgettable visual experience at Decorex 2024.’

The Plascon Colour Design Pods marks Plascon’s latest involvement in Decorex, after

nearly 30 years of longstanding support of the leading decor and design platform in Africa.

For more information about the Plascon 2024 Colour Forecast or any other Plascon colours,

please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: Visit for more information.

Visit for more information about the shows.



General admission tickets to Decorex cost R10 less if you buy online ahead of time instead

of at the door, and the first 2 000 people who purchase a ticket online will receive a 10%

discount voucher for

Cape Town ticket prices online

Adults: R140

Pensioners/students R110

Children 2- 12 years: R30

Children under 2 free

Cape Town ticket prices at the door

Adults: R150

Pensioners/students R120

Children 2- 12 years: R30

Children under 2 free

Decorex Cape Town Show times:

Thursday 6 June 10h00-18h00

Friday 7 June 10h00-18h00

Saturday 8 June 10h00-18h00

Sunday 9 June 10h00-17h00

To buy Decorex Cape Town tickets visit

Apply as a trade visitor for Decorex Cape Town here



Joburg ticket prices online

Adults: R150

Pensioners/students R110

Children 2- 12 years: R30

Children under 2 free

Joburg ticket prices at the door

Adults: R160

Pensioners/students R120

Children 2- 12 years: R40

Children under 2 free

Decorex Joburg Show times:

Thursday 1 August 09h00-18h00

Friday 2 August 09h00-18h00

Saturday 3 August 09h00-18h00

Sunday 4 August 09h00-17h00


To buy Decorex Joburg tickets visit

Apply as a trade visitor for Decorex Joburg here


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