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Do you know how to manage your acne triggers?

Every single day, your skin can potentially face an abundance of onslaught of contributing factors that wreak havoc with your skin’s texture, its complexion and could even perpetuate your acne.

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Key to protecting your skin from the development of acne both in your teens and adulthood is to know the triggers. The four primary acne triggers that you should be aware of include hormonal imbalances, gut imbalances, stress, and diet. These contributors can affect you at different stages of your life and at varying intensities.

Dr Aurora Garre Contreras, who leads the clinical trials for ISIDN global explains that while these are the biggest acne triggers in most of the population, the leading cause of acne is misinformation.

“Treating your acne isn’t as easy as applying a skincare product – or several. It starts with identifying what kind of acne you have, what is causing it, and from there using the correct recommended products and ingredients that match your skin type and products that your skin will like,” added Karlo Mitchell, Brand Manager for ISIDN South Africa.

What is acne – really?

Acne is mostly a genetic condition referred to as retention hyperkeratosis. This basically means that every day a layer of dead skin cells is shed inside the pore. Normally, these dead skin cells will be pushed from behind by newer cells rising to the skin’s surface, then flake off in a normal, healthy pore.

This process is disrupted in people with acne. Acne-prone sufferers produce up to five times more dead skin cells than the normal person and are not able to get rid of the dead skin cells effectively. Therefore, these dead skin cells are trapped by the skin and clog your pores. The result (known as a microcomedone) – a clogged pore that causes a blackhead which will further develop into a blemish when aggravated by oil and bacteria.

DID YOU KNOW: Acne forms under the skin for up to 90 days before you see it surface! Even if you started the best acne clearing skincare routine in the world today, acne that already started forming today still has to work its way up and out through your skin. Acne treatment is therefore a long process, there is no quick fix.

Considering your 4 triggers, here’s how you should treat your acne:

  1. Whether its hormonal, gut, stress or diet induced, any acne routine that you follow should be switched up every 90 days. Keep it strong for three months and then introduce higher concentrations of effective ingredients and build as you go. That way, you can (a) clear acne that’s already forming below the surface where you can’t see it, (b) prevent new acne from forming and (c) break the acne cycle.

  2. Ditch the spot treatments, these are temporary fixes and don’t fix the underlying problems. As we now know, there are acne triggers and we know that it’s also mostly genetic. There is space is your acne arsenal to use your acne products daily on your entire face (such as your forehead , cheeks and chin) even when you’re not breaking out. That way, pre-acne lurking deeper in the skin can be dissolved before it surfaces.

  3. Keep your skin clear from harm. This includes removing your makeup and double cleansing, sleeping on clean pillow cases that are free from oils and dirt, staying out of the sun and applying a high SPF, and being careful about the products that touch your skin from haircare, to laundry and beauty and health products. These all can aggravate your skin and make things worse for you.

“From our experience, hearing the stories of many of our customers, acne usually appears to be triggered by a combination of issues, as opposed to just one. That is why we recommend these three tips to follow that will withstand any trigger you have. Acne treatment is 50 percent your strategy, lifestyle and management and 50% your products and consistent dedication to your skin. Our newest Acniben range is targeted to provide a full routine for oily skin, acne sufferers that not only cater for your face acne but also your body acne. The range includes a Mattifying Gel Cleanser, a Night Concentrate cream, a Body Blemishes reduction spray and a Shine and Pimple Control - perfect for teenagers and adult sufferers of acne,” concluded Mitchell.

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