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Introducing Mercedes Benz Fanciful Edition.

Mercedes Benz is proud to introduce a new limited edition fragrance for women: Fanciful Edition Eau de Toilette. A captivating fragrance created as an ode to glamour, Fanciful Edition invites you to immerse yourself in a world of opulence.

Mercedes Benz fragrance

A fruity floral eau de toilette showcasing citrus fruits, rose, frangipani and musk, the scent is sparkling and sophisticated – much like the Mercedes Benz woman.

The message

Fanciful Edition makes a lasting impression. This feminine fragrance encourages women to follow their desires and to enter into a world of light to express their sparkling energy. This concentrate of joy, beauty, magnetism and scintillation is an invitation to shine, celebrate beauty, self-expression, and bring new charm to the world. Glide into a sublime, glittering realm of glamour.

The scent

Bright and sophisticated, Fanciful Edition was created by master perfumer Dominique Preyssas. Inspired by the words ‘joy’ and ‘beauty’, Preyssas chose each ingredient for this fragrance with passionate care:

The zesty freshness of lemon and green mandarin, the fullness of rose, freesia and jasmine and the embrace of incense, frangipani, amber wood and warm musk. The scent expresses sparkling energy in the zesty top notes, femininity in the full heart notes and warmth in the glamorous base notes.

Top notes: Mandarin, lemon

Heart notes: Rose, freesia, jasmine

Base notes: Incense, frangipani, amber wood, warm musk

The bottle

This beautiful bottle is sure to steal the show on your dressing table. For the design, Mercedes Benz revisited the iconic For Women glass bottle. Like a real jewel, it bursts with colours, showing off glossy tones of pink and purple while catching the light and playing with it to create multiplying reflections.

This bottle encloses a wonderful dose of charm with a sprinkling of glamour and excessive luxuriousness. It’s a concentrate of joy, beauty and intense rays of light; an invitation to shine, express yourself, and bring new charm to the world.

Mercedes Benz fragrance


Mercedes Benz is known for taking the utmost care in creating fragrances that are environmentally-responsible, and Fanciful Edition is no different. Each ingredient included in Fanciful Edition was selected with care and attention to ensure sustainability. The inks chosen to produce the lacquers are produced without solvents and during the dyeing process, the pigments that are projected from the bottle are fully water-immiscible for the production of a more environmentally-friendly bottle.

Furthermore, the paper from the packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning is it produced from wood fibres from responsible sources.

Mercedes Benz also utilises upcycling in the manufacture of Fanciful Edition. This technique consists of reusing salvaged materials to create new products of superior quality and value. Through upcycling, new nuances can be found in this fragrance. Its aspects of rose petals reveal notes of apricot, tobacco and spices, which are lost in the standard extraction process. Upcycling is a process favoured here, for an olfactory experience for a new age, with greater respect for the environment.

Mercedes Benz Fanciful Edition is available in 60ml for R1295.95 at Selected Dis-Chem stores.

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