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MODIBODI TO THE RESCUE: Helping to manage all of life's little leaks.

Modibodi is fearlessly breaking age-old taboos in the name of dignified comfort and open-minded respect, with its revolutionary body-embracing range of apparel. Taking shared human experiences which have traditionally been shied away from and breaking the mould, Modibodi offers a variety of leak-proof clothing to sustainably deal with everyday bodily challenges including periods, incontinence, discharge and sweat.

Proudly human, authentic and distinctly unashamed, Modibodi is there for you when you need it most, offering various styles of underwear, swimwear, active wear and maternity wear to replace disposable hygiene products with a more sustainable solution.

Modibodi garments are the result of a long and passionate search to end shame and stigmas associated with perfectly natural human bodily functions, whilst aiming to have a “limitless positive impact” on humanity and the earth. After many years of research and development alongside top garment developers, textile mills, engineers and scientists, and having performed over 1000 scientific tests, Modibodi founder Kristy Chong developed a range of products and a brand which has since garnered an enormous list of awards and accolades. Made from the finest in all-natural materials, the range helps both women and men to cope with what might otherwise be considered humiliating moments.

When it comes to the design, only the best and most sustainable products have been carefully crafted to give the maximum in comfort and functionality. For example, The Modifier Technology, which is patented, is 3mm thick, consisting of three layers: a top level, which is made from 100% Merino sheep wool (antimicrobial and proven to wick away moisture whilst repelling odour), a microfibre terry middle layer, which absorbs and locks away fluid, and a lower layer which provides a breathable, waterproof barrier for secure leak-proof protection.

Several other dynamic and similarly effective designs are in the making.

Modibodi is intrinsically dedicated to a sustainable planet. To date, the ground-breaking brand has sold millions of garments around the world, preventing billions of single-use disposable hygiene products from ending up in toxic landfills. A look at several statistics explains the sense behind changing over to Modibodi reusable garments. According to various online statistics, most pads and tampons are primarily made of plastic, with one pack of pads containing as much plastic as 5 plastic bags on average.

A disposable pad is expected to take between 500 and 800 years to biodegrade. The average tampon user disposes approximately 11,000 of them in their lifetime. This, added to the enormous waste caused by single use products for managing incontinence and disposable nappies makes for an incredibly serious and negative impact on the environment. Modibodi offers the wisest and most responsible alternative.

One of the most important factors, outside of the patented technology, is the Oeko-tex 100 certification. If a brand is Oeko-Tex certified this means that their products are free from chemicals that are harmful to human health. This includes allergens or carcinogens. We are proud to have this certification ensuring our clients are safe when wearing our Modibodi products.

The fabrics used to create these fashionable and cosy garments include bamboo, one of the world’s most ethical and sustainable sources of fibre, which is hygienic, luxuriously soft on the skin and also stain and odour resistant. It is also fast drying, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Merino wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable woollen fibre, coming exclusively from certified responsible and eco-friendly farmers. Merino wool (used in the absorbent linings) is naturally anti-bacterial, soft and breathable and absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in moisture. Other materials include organic cotton and recycled nylon (with the same high-performance qualities as conventional nylon, reducing waste, energy use and carbon emissions).

The range of products is always evolving, and, amongst others, to date includes:

- Modibodi ADULT range which includes a variety of styles to cater for incontinence, periods, discharge and sweat. You can enjoy the Classic Bikini style, Sensual Hi-Waist, Classic Full Brief, Thongs, to mention just a few.

- Modibodi TEEN reusable underwear, sleepwear and swimwear, designed to make periods stress-free for young adults, with styles including Hipster Bikini, Hipster Boyshort, One-piece Swimsuit, Swim Bikini Brief and Sleepwear (the Sleep Short is the ultimate in comfort, with maximum absorbency and sweet dreams).

- Modibodi MEN (launching soon), helping guys to manage sweat, chafing and incontinence, with styles including a Men’s Trunk and a Men’s Brief.

In summary, what is it that sets ModiBodi apart? South African Director’s Charlene McQuinn and Natasha Gericke are committed to using their voices and the ModiBodi brand to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, promote self-acceptance, and open conversations around our bodies, and at times challenge unjust cultural or social norms in the name of equality.

Welcome to the future of sustainable, reusable fluid absorbing clothing. Choose Modibodi, the most responsible and safest choice for the planet and for your body.

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