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New year, New podcasting season: BEHIND THE RUCK announces exclusive interview with South African Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi.

 As the sporting world gears up for another thrilling year, Behind The Ruck, the pioneering podcast hosted by Rugby sensations Rudy and Juan, is delighted to announce an exclusive interview with none other than South African Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi. 

Behind the Ruck

Behind The Ruck isn't your average sports podcast. Founded by Rudy and Juan, former rugby stars with a passion for bringing fans closer to the game, the show offers an authentic, unscripted look into the world of rugby. With insightful interviews, captivating banter, and a wealth of personal experiences, Behind the Ruck has quickly become a favourite among rugby enthusiasts. 

Behind the Ruck

Having already hosted an impressive array of guests, including rugby luminaries such as Springbok and Stormers Rugby Player Manie Libbok, Springbok and Bulls Rugby Player Canan Moodie, Springbok and Pumas Rugby Player Rosko Specman, and the esteemed Ex All Blacks, Tsonga, and Wasps Rugby Player Malakai Fekitoa. Each interview brings a fresh perspective and personal touch, enriching their listeners' understanding of the game and their guest's perspective. 

The upcoming interview with Siya Kolisi marks a significant milestone for Behind The Ruck. As one of the most respected figures in the sport, Kolisi's insight promises to be both enlightening and entertaining. From his journey to the top of South African rugby to his thoughts on the upcoming season, listeners can expect an unfiltered glimpse into the life of this rugby icon. 

Rudy and Juan are excited to kick off the new year with such a high-profile guest. "We started Behind The Ruck because we wanted to offer fans something real," says Rudy. "Our podcast is a platform for players to share their stories, their struggles, and their triumphs in their own words, and having Siya on the show elevates it to the next level." 

Juan adds, "With Siya Kolisi joining us on the show, we're taking that authenticity of our show to greater heights. We can't wait for our listeners to hear what he has to say." 

The trio discuss’ Siya’s current team and life in Paris. He gives us some insight on how he is adapting to life in France. For those who may be new to rugby or podcasting in general, Behind The Ruck offers a warm invitation. "Come join us," says Rudy. "Whether you're a die-hard fan or just curious about the sport, there's something here for everyone. We promise plenty of laughs, some unforgettable stories, and maybe even a few surprises along the way." 

Behind the Ruck

As Behind The Ruck enters its second season, Rudy and Juan have big plans for the future. "We want to keep growing, keep bringing in new guests, and keep pushing the boundaries of what a sports podcast can be," says Juan. "Our goal is simple: to make Behind The Ruck the number one podcast in South Africa." 

With its unique blend of insight, humour, and camaraderie, Behind The Ruck is poised to make waves in the world of sports podcasting. Don't miss out on the action - tune in to the Siya Kolisi special and join the Behind The Ruck family today! 

Behind the Ruck

The Siya Kolisi interview will be featured on the Behind the Ruck social channels from today, February 15th from 18:00. 

Follow the Behind The Ruck podcast on social channels: 

Instagram: @behindtheruckpodcast 

Watch the live episode on YouTube: 


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