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Litchi & Titch’s Beauty Balms are the ideal solution for plant-based and natural skincare lovers experiencing dry, dehydrated, damaged, sensitive and inflammation-prone skin, especially during winter.

Offering intense nourishment, deep moisture and replenishment, and all-season barrier protection, Litchi & Titch created this formulation that has the healing power of Papain, the enzyme unique to Paw Paw and the unsurpassed nourishment derived from Omegas 3,6 & 9 found in Baobab Oil. The papain enzyme in pawpaw helps reduce pain, calm inflammation, minimize swelling, and alleviate skin infections. Baobab has high concentrations of omega 3, 6 and 9 acids and vitamins A, C, D, E and F, making it highly nourishing and hydrating.


  • Litchi & Titch Rose Geranium, Mini & Lavender Beauty Balm – R175-00

  • Litchi & Titch Lime & Coconut Beauty Balm – R175-00

  • Litchi & Titch Jasmine & Naartjie Beauty Balm – R175-00

The Litchi & Titch Beauty Balms are healing and nourishing balms that comfort and hydrate dry and sensitive skin areas. Perfect for dry/chapped skin concerns on lips, cuticles, elbows, and heels. Paw Paw contains a unique enzyme called Papain, which assists with the healing of skin abrasions and burns. For this reason, the high amounts of Paw Paw in the Litchi & Titch Beauty Balms make them an excellent healing salve for scraped knees and light patches of eczema on hands and feet etc. Directions For Use: Scoop a small amount of product out of the tub and smooth over dry skin, eczema, light abrasions or any area on your face or body where you would like to add intense nourishment and healing. From a child's scraped knee to liver spots on the backs of your hands, this pot of goodness is a beautiful salve to heal so many dry and damaged skin concerns. The Litchi & Titch 100% Plant-based beauty balms are your skin’s best friend in the winter months and your skin’s saving grace in the summer months.

The Litchi & Titch products are not tested on animals, and all their products except the Beeswax based products are vegan friendly. Their products have no chemicals, fillers, fragrance oils or toxic ingredients in any of their skin or body care.

The Litchi & Titch Beauty Balms are available at their store in Franschhoek or online at


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