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Rapid Hydration with Vitaderm’s newly launched serum.

Vitaderm is proud to announce the launch of their new Rapid Hydration Serum just in time for winter. “Winter is a time when your skin tends to become drier and flakier, losing moisture due to the colder elements and indoor heating. This is the perfect time to add a serum to your skincare routine and keep your skin moisturised and healthy,” comments Vitaderm’s marketing manager, Ruan Winter.

The new Vitaderm Rapid Hydration Serum is a light-textured, oil-free, fast-absorbing active formulation, incorporating moisture binding technology which offers hydration for all skin types, including oily prone skin.

When it comes to providing moisture to your skin, Vitaderm’s Rapid Hydration Serum formula includes:

  • Hyaluronic acid, comprising both LMW and HMW hyaluronic acid. LMW improves dermal hydration and stimulates collagen synthesis, and HMW boosts plumpness and suppleness, visibly softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • AquaCell™, that assists in boosting the skin’s moisture levels.

  • Fision Lift®, a plant based anti-ageing active that has been added to the formulation to instantly firm, lift and tone the skin while offering lasting targeted anti-ageing benefits when used regularly.

The Rapid Hydration Serum can be used in both the morning and evening and only three to five drops are needed for each application. The drops must be applied to cleansed and toned skin, and after allowing the serum to be absorbed for a few minutes, your moisturiser can be applied.

“By using these ingredients in our formulation, we have researched the needs of our clients and created a serum that provides moisture, hydration and protection from environmental elements and pollutants, giving them the results, they want to see,” explains Winter.

The 30ml Rapid Hydration Serum has a RRSP of 490

For more information visit the Vitaderm website


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