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Tackle those hair-raising problem areas with these 5 Male Waxing treatments.

Men may consider waxing as a grooming option for several reasons. Firstly, waxing removes unwanted hair from various parts of the body, providing a clean and polished appearance. In fact, waxing is no longer limited to athletes or models; nowadays, waxing rooms are frequented by CEOs, doctors, and the average Joe.

Waxing has proven to be a convenient and time-saving treatment that streamlines grooming routines. Additionally, men are increasingly recognising the benefits of reduced hair growth and minimised occurrences of ingrown hairs.

“Male waxing has become incredibly popular in recent years, especially with the increase of manscaping. Waxing keeps you smoother for longer than shaving does and it doesn’t leave you itchy and uncomfortable when the hair starts to grow back. Men find that waxing boosts their confidence and their hygiene, plus if you are a sportsman, it can also enhance your athletic performance. We are finding that men are increasingly waxing more areas than just their legs or back, such as their underarms, arms and even their nether region with a hollywood wax,” says Michelle Bittkau, Marketing Manager of WAXIT.

Ultimately, opting for waxing allows men to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin whilst maintaining a well-groomed and refined look.

What types of treatments are there for men?

WAXIT is the first wax-bar of its kind in South Africa. They offer full-body waxing for men (even the nether region) in a discreet and professional setting. They offer 'Smooth Packages' to make it more affordable to wax one area. WAXIT’s specialised treatments target problem areas such as ingrown hairs and pigmentation, leaving you feeling smooth and confident. ‘We offer “The Neat Nether Region” which is basically the male version of a Vajacial, as well as a “Tidy Torso” which targets the chest, back or underarm area,” adds Michelle.

As a male, getting your first wax may seem like a bit of a daunting task; one filled with excitement as well as a sense of nervousness as you venture into uncharted territory. However, once you experience the smooth results and the confidence it brings, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner.

Let’s explore 5 treatments that men should explore when targeting specific focus areas and problems, and why? Michelle Bittkau of WAXIT shares her top suggestions and tips.

Someone who suffers from ingrown hairs on their chest:

Suggested Treatment: Tidy Torso – Chest & Stomach (R430)

Why: This specialised treatment is invigorating deep cleanse for your chest and stomach to target problem areas pigmentation and ingrown hairs. We cleanse, steam, exfoliate and remove nasty ingrown hairs.

Someone who wants to rid themselves of all the hair on their legs:

Suggested Treatment: Full Leg Wax (R370)

Why: We apply strip wax to your full leg and toes to remove all of the hair on your legs. We recommend adding “Hair B Gone” to your wax. This is a post wax hair minimising lotion to slow down hair re-growth.

Someone who wants to be silky and smooth below the waist:

Suggested Treatment: Hollywood Wax (R460)

Why: With this nether region wax, we take everything off, including in-between the bum cheeks. We do have other options of waxing your nether region which leaves some hair behind.

Someone who wants to start thinking ahead for the warmer months:

Suggested Treatment: Magic Mike Package (R550)

Why: This package includes both a Chest and Stomach wax perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident in hotter weather when they may find themselves outdoors or by the pool – yes, it may still be Winter now, but start thinking ahead so you can begin your waxing journey now. We use hot wax for this treatment to ensure smoother results.

Someone who wants to neaten their messy untamed brows:

Suggested Treatment: Brow Wax (R100)

Why: We wax the brow area to leave you with natural looking, neater brows. This is quick, easy, and will leave you feeling confident and ready to tackle the day!

It’s a known fact that once you have started your waxing journey, you can expect a ton of benefits from reduced body odour and finer, softer hair growth. You can plan to get waxed every 4-6 weeks depending on the area. Most men find that waxing makes them feel more hygienic and confident in their skin, it even helps pronounce muscle definition.

“Men are a lot more open to the idea of waxing. The usual stigma is how painful waxing is, but our specially formulated wax, paired with our professionally trained WAXITologists ensure that you will have a smoother experience when waxing. After all – we only wax. The benefits of waxing out-weigh any stigmas attached to male waxing. Plus, men are realising how important it is to look after their skin and body to make them feel confident,” Michelle ends off.

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