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TESTED: Moves with Me Collection by Under Armour. Get moving, get active!

Move with me collection

As a publication that prides themselves on providing the best, most up-to-date news and information from our local shores and across country… When this specific package arrived on our doorstep, we couldn’t help but feel inspired. Inspired to move, inspired to get active, inspired to take a deeper look at our personal fitness goals and assess our health and wellness journey for the better.

As a team who doesn’t adopt a rigorous or very strict athletic fitness regime, but rather a holistic approach to how you treat your body and how you look after it is what matters in the long run – this collection but Under Armour gave us a new lease on our daily walks, our midday office breaks and of course got us moving a whole lot more.

Under Armour, the renowned fitness and activewear brand, presents the Moves With Me collection, a revolutionary line-up of apparel designed to elevate your training experience – whether that be on an elite or casual level.

What sets this collection apart is its incorporation of cutting-edge technologies that maximises performance and enhances recovery, something that Under Armour is well-known for in their history of technological developments. With UA RUSH infrared technology reflecting your body's energy to boost strength and endurance while reducing muscle fatigue, the Moves With Me collection pushes boundaries in athletic apparel.

As we enter the winter season, the collection's standout item, the UA RUSH™ Woven ½ Zip Anorak Jacket featuring UA Storm technology, ensures you can conquer the elements without compromising breathability. This is an item that immediately caught our eye and

our fit perfectly within our closet.

We break down the top 5 must-know features of the Moves With Me Collection that you need to know…

1. UA RUSH Infrared Technology: The Moves With Me collection features UA RUSH infrared technology, which is designed to reflect your body's energy back to you, helping you work harder and recover faster. This unique technology enhances your strength, endurance, and reduces muscle fatigue.

move with me collection

2. UA Storm Technology: The UA RUSH™ Woven ½ Zip Anorak Jacket in the Moves With Me collection incorporates UA Storm technology. This innovative feature allows the jacket to repel water while maintaining breathability. It ensures that the winter weather doesn't limit your training sessions.

TESTED: We tested out this featured jacket and not only did we love the versatile fabric, it is extremely lightweight & durable. To add to that, as a sportswear apparel brand, we appreciated the adjustable drawcord on the bottom hem for a secure fit.

Move with me anorak

3. Versatile Training Shoe: The Flow Dynamic training shoes included in the Moves With Me collection are a standout item. These shoes combine the qualities of both running shoes and weightlifting shoes. They offer the bounce, cushioning, support, and grip necessary for various workout activities, making them a versatile choice for


move with me collection

4. UA Smartfoam: Another standout item from the collection is their Under Armour Smartfoam Evolution Mid sports bra. They took their super-adaptive UA SmartForm technology and knit it directly into a soft, moulded pad for amazing support that still flexes to fit the exact of your

medium-support activities like cycling, weight training & boxing. Further to that, it boasts super-soft & structured free cut fabric that delivers relentless coverage & comfort.

moves with me bra

5. Encouraging Active Lifestyles: The Moves With Me collection, with its advanced technologies and functional designs, inspires people to engage in physical activities regardless of the weather. The inclusion of UA RUSH and UA Storm technologies enables athletes to stay warm, dry, and comfortable during their training sessions, encouraging them to pursue their fitness goals with confidence.


SF Flex Woven Short       R799.00

Knockout Novelty Tank   R599.00

Rush Woven Anorak        R2,999.00

UA SmartForm Evolution Mid R1,299.00

UA W Flow Dynamic  R2,999.00

In todays fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle, staying fit has become more crucial than ever. Engaging in regular physical activity not only improves our physical health but also has a profound impact on our mental and emotional well-being.

The Moves With Me collection by Under Armour serves as a catalyst to ignite the motivation to get active and get moving, not matter your fitness levels.

under armour

Whether you're running, training, or participating in team sports, the Moves With Me collection empowers you to embrace an active lifestyle, pushing boundaries, and unlocking your full potential.

It's time to lace up, gear up, and embark on a journey of self-improvement with the Moves With Me collection as your trusted companion, we know we sure are. Remember, every step, every move and every activity counts; and with Under Armour's commitment to

making athletes better, this collection is designed to inspire you to strive for greatness and live your best, most active life.

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