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The Science of Recovery: Unveiling the Benefits of Compression Garments & the Normatec 3 Leg System.

Hyperice normatec

For over 10 years, Hyperice has been relentlessly focused on developing innovative products to help people across the globe move and live better. As the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the Springboks in South Africa and well as the Official Recovery Technology Partner for the IRONMAN globally, Hyperice continues to help those move better and continue to do what they love, more.

"We were born in the training rooms. We started because no one cared more about recovery than us. We exist because we saw that there was a better way to recover, get better, and be better.”

Hyperice normatec

Focused on warmup, recovery and longevity for all types of athletes, Hyperice are obsessed with the thought of getting athletes back on the court faster, on the pitch, or the road, and to be able to compete at their best. Yes, it was about winning, but more than anything it was about the ability to compete at your best, forever.

The road to recovery after an exercise or training session will never be the same again. You’ve seen all your favourite celebrities and sportsmen, from Kylie Jenner, to Naomi Osaka, to the Springboks use this device called Normatec. So what is the hype all about?

Hyperice normatec

Normatec 3 is the next evolution of the iconic Normatec series, using dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, improve your training, and maximise your performance. Normatec’s patented precision pulse technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling and has long been the choice of elite athletes and consumers throughout the globe.

Taking the restorative massage experience further, the Normatec 3 is a system created with the greatest performance and customisation yet. It is a system to help professionals raise their game to new heights.

Hyperice normatec

But, what is compression therapy?

Compression therapy has been around for decades as a medical treatment. In fact, Normatec started as a medical device company to treat a condition called lymphedema (chronic swelling). Now the company's focus is athletic recovery, but its roots lie in the science of blood flow: Your circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients and hormones to every cell in your body. Simultaneously, this complex circuit removes metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, effectively flushing your system of toxins.

The idea behind compression therapy is that by increasing blood flow to specific parts of the body (encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas) you can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance.

The benefits of this recovery method, which are essentially the benefits of improved blood flow, include:

· Reducing swelling and inflammation

· Speeding up muscle recovery

· Preventing delayed-onset muscle soreness

· Relieving muscle pain

· Improving athletic performance

· Increasing flexibility and range of motion

· Removing exercise-related wastes, like lactic acid

· Decreasing muscle fatigue

Hyperice normatec

Whether you’re an athlete with recovery in mind, or a mother with heavy and tired legs, the Normatec 3 is here to quickly become your best friend. The Normatec 3 Legs puts you in control of your session. Pre-programmed and custom modes, each with various adjustable settings, allow you to tailor your massage needs so you can warm up and recover your own way. Backed by Science this device is engineered for the world’s best athletes and active individuals alike. Packed with patented and proven technology, the device is all controlled by a customisable experience in the Hyperice App.

What makes this product so popular?

This product has been seen worldwide, by some of your favourite sportsmen and for all the right reasons. The Normatec 3 uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that increases circulation, reduces pain and soreness, and helps you feel refreshed faster.

Hyperice normatec

What makes this product beneficial for any individual looking to take their health and recovery seriously?

The Normatec 3 is beneficial as it brings you a therapeutic massage wherever you need it most. It’s quick, easy to use, and you can experience our patented and proven technology that combines superior comfort and design with customised sessions.

The leg attachments include premium materials and overlapping zones for gapless compression. What was the thought process when designing this product?

Comfort is key. We want our customers to feel relaxed and well-fitted when using these products.

Hyperice normatec

The likes of Patrick Mahomes, Naomi Osaka and even Tony Finau have been seen using this device – how does it assist in the recovery of people with tired, swollen legs?

The Normatec 3 can be used by any individual who can benefit from such a product. One can customise each session with 7 intensity levels and give yourself a little extra attention wherever you need it most with ZoneBoost™. Whether its stiff legs after a workout, or simply tired heavy legs from a lot of standing, the Normatec 3 legs will help you recover faster, and feel fully revived with its restorative massage.

What makes the Normatec 3 range so innovative?

The Normatec 3 has an intuitive, refreshed design. The refreshed system design features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features and customization through the Bluetooth® connected Hyperice App. Simply zip in and power up the most advanced dynamic air compression system on the planet.

Hyperice normatec

The full Normatec range focuses not only on legs, but also one’s hips, and arms. How is massage therapy like this beneficial for the whole body?

The Normatec range is beneficial to any area where it can treat. Beside quick recovery and a restorative massage, these products promote relaxation, the reduction of stress hormones; increased joint mobility and flexibility and the improved recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Hyperice normatec

With Zoneboost Technology, The Normatec Pro provides extra time and pressure in a particular zone – making rest and recovery even more enjoyable. The Normatec 3 can be used in the comfort of your own home, in your own space and your own time!

In March 2020, Hyperice acquired Normatec, innovators of cutting-edge dynamic compression systems, in December 2020 acquired RecoverX, pioneers of intelligent thermal technologies, to deliver next-generation performance and wellness solutions and in July 2021 acquired Core, both an app and a handheld meditation device designed to track heart rate and stress levels.

Hyperice normatec

Help every human on Earth move better, live better, be better. It’s their mission — because “better” should be available for all, no matter who you are. It could be at the beginning of your journey or it could be at the highest levels of competition — moving better, moving without pain, moving effortlessly is their goal. They believe that if you move, Hyperice can help you move better.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.


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