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Umberto Giannini’s new product launches are here to solve some of your most common summer hair concerns.

For South Africans, the first quarter is the hottest time of the year, and with the increase in humidity comes an increase in hair concerns. From frizz, to irritable scalps, to dehydration, summer hair concerns are rife, and you may find yourself spending a little more time than usual on your hair care regime.


Award-winning British hair care brand, Umberto Giannini, has come to the rescue with the launch of nine brand new hair care products. From a Boho Beach curl scrunching jelly, to scalp soothing drops, to a heat protecting spray, the 9 new products offer solutions for a wide range of hair concerns and textures. 


Here’s how the new launches solve some of the most common summer hair concerns: 

Dehydration due to beach waves

Beach waves are top of every summer hair trend list, but most of the products designed to achieve this enviable look are rich in salt, which has a dehydrating effect on the hair. Ocean and swimming pool water is already drying on the skin and hair, so it’s important to avoid hair care products with a drying effect. The new Umberto Giannini Boho Beach Waves Coconut Oil Texture Spray is free from the dryness of salt but doesn’t skimp on volume and texture. It contains UV filters to protect hair colour and health, and is designed to help you achieve the tousles of your dreams with minimum effort. Simply spray onto the palms of your hands and scrunch into your hair for beach-inspired texture.

Dry or flaky scalp

Just like the skin on the rest of our body, the scalp may also get dry and uncomfortable. Frequent exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays in summer, as well as frequent swimming may have a dehydrating effect on the scalp. The best way to soothe and hydrate a dry or itchy scalp is to avoid hot water and UV rays and to apply a nourishing product to moisturise and soothe the skin. The new Umberto Giannini Scalp Serum Hydration Drops replenish and renew the scalp barrier to provide the optimum environment for hair growth, while calming and hydrating extracts help soothe and provide relief to sensitive scalps. Suitable for all hair types, these drops may be applied daily directly to the scalp (use around 20 drops per application and gently massage it into the scalp). 

Heat damage

While many of us go into hibernation during winter, summer is the season of social get-togethers, offering plenty of opportunity to style your hair for a day or night out. If you blow-dry, flat iron or curl your hair, chances are you will experience some heat damage in the form of dryness, breakage or brittleness. However, this risk may be significantly reduced if you use a heat protecting spray before styling. Try the new Umberto Giannini Heat Shield Frizz Control Heat Protecting Spray, which tames frizz, reduces breakage and seals in long-lasting shine, all while protecting hair from the damaging effects of heat styling up to 220˚C. Simply spritz through damp or dry hair from root to tip before styling. 


Softer curls

Because curly hair is prone to getting frizzy during summer, you may need to put in a little extra work to define your curls in the warmer months. Only problem is, that sometimes when you try to add definition to your curls, they may end up feeling hard or crunchy due to too much product or product build-up. However, soft curls don’t have to lack definition. Try the new Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Mask once a week. Reformulated to leave hair feeling softer than ever, this hero curl product is going super-size – 300ml of super nourishing and conditioning curl mask treatment. Smooth through damp hair after cleansing and rinse after two minutes. 

Weightless styling

If you have naturally fine or limp hair, you’ll know the frustration of products weighing your hair down. Now add high humidity, sweat and heat to the mix during summer. Fine haired girls often find their hair cannot hold a curl or wave during summer, and seems to fall flat no matter what they try. To create texture without adding weight to your hair, try the new Umberto Giannini Texture Boost Volumising Dry Texture Mist. Humidity-resistant, this lightweight mist offers fine hair an invisible boost of thickness and texture thanks to absorbent tapioca starch for a longer-lasting style.​

In sections, spray into mid-lengths on dry hair from 20cm away and use your fingers to work the product in, creating a buildable, textured style. 

Strengthen broken or damaged bonds

Hair bonds are responsible for the shape, strength and elasticity of our hair. If a hair bond breaks or becomes damaged, the hair strand will become brittle and damaged, ultimately breaking too. Signs of damaged bonds include weak, dry, dull or frizzy strands. Damaged bonds are not exclusive to summer, however, the exposure to UV rays and ocean / pool water puts added pressure on already vulnerable bonds. Strengthen and protect your bonds with a leave-in product like the new Umberto Giannini Curl Bonding Oil. It deeply nourishes strands, seals cuticles, rebuilds broken bonds, de-frizzes, adds shine and reduces the appearance of split ends, making curls soft and bouncy (and resulting in an overall healthier look and feel). Apply a few drops on dry or damp hair and gently scrunch it in as you go from section to section. 


Umberto Giannini

Curl maintenance

Curly hair is prone to dryness, so it’s imperative to use moisturising hair care products to replenish and lock in moisture, as well as a product that defines curls so that they retain their shape regardless of the humidity. We often associate dryness with winter, but did you know that summer poses its own challenges? Increased humidity can increase volume, however, it can compromise definition, leading to curls unfurling. Then there’s increased exposure to UV rays and drying chlorine and salt water, which can lead to curls becoming unruly and dry.


The new Umberto Giannini Boho Beach Jelly Coconut Oil Scrunching Jelly is here to help you achieve shiny, frizz-free curls and waves, regardless of your curl type. It contains nourishing coconut oil and UV filters to protect from the damaging effects of the sun. Apply evenly through the mid-lengths and ends of towel dried hair, scrunch dry with a diffuser or leave to air dry, either by twisting sections of hair into spirals or scrunching now and then to keep in volume. 


Curly hair should never be without a leave-in conditioner, and the new Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Shine Leave in Conditioner is just what you need pre-styling. It primes curls for styling, de-frizzes and defines curls whilst protecting against heat damage. Consider it the first step of your styling regime - smooth some product through towel-dried hair and follow with your other UG styling products, diffuse or air dry as usual.

The fight against frizz

Add humidity to curly hair and you’re bound to end up with frizz. And South Africa has plenty of humidity! Areas like Durban are known and loved for their tropical-like climates, but the intense humidity experienced in these areas during summer can wreak havoc on curly hair, increasing frizz and making curls unmanageable. 


Try Umberto Giannini Curl Foam Anti-Frizz Styling Mousse, a moisture-infused, flexible hold volumiser with conditioning wheat protein for a natural and weightless feel. Designed for wavy, curly and coily hair that’s weak, damaged and prone to frizz, this multi-tasking hair mousse offers volume while getting frizz under control. Scrunch into damp hair, finger twirl curls if you need to reshape and leave to air dry or dry with a diffuser, scrunching and lifting as you go.


Shop the new range of Umberto Giannini products at your nearest Clicks store or online at


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