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10 ways UNDER ARMOUR aims to make running fun for all, this GLOBAL RUNNING DAY.

Running is not just a great way to stay fit and healthy but can also be an enjoyable activity. Injecting fun into your running routine can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Whether you’re a cross country runner, sprinter, marathon runner or simply enjoy running on a leisurely level – running should be an activity that excites the adventurous and satisfies the fit.

Sharon Lokedi - Flow Elite Running Shoes

With so many people taking to old-school conventional fitness methods like running, it’s no surprise it gets its own special day. Global Running Day is held annually on the first Wednesday of June each year, with this year being celebrated on the 7 th June, where participants of all ages and abilities pledge to take part in some type of running activity.

The inaugural Global Running Day was held on June 1, 2016 where more than 2.5 million people from 177 countries pledged to run more than 9.2 million miles. New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, declared June 1, 2016, to be Global Running Day in the City of New York. 2014 Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi led a group run from the Boston Run Base, and the Atlanta Track Club organised a "run around the clock" event, where at least one person from the Atlanta metro area

would be running every hour of Global Running Day.

In 2017, the International Association of Athletics Federations supported Global Running Day and today, more than 100 organisations support Global Running Day.

Running as a sport and leisure activity is known for its array of positive health benefits, as it can help you live longer, reduce stress and make you happier. It’s the ultimate adaptable, flexible pursuit – you can choose precisely how you want to approach your running activity or exercise regime. You can run solo or with others; run two or three times a week or get into races and even build up to a marathon; you can grab a quick 15-minute run or go out for an hour or more, depending on other demands on your time and body. It’s up to you, all that you need to do is start somewhere.

At the core of Under Armour's DNA lies an unwavering passion for inspiring people to move and run.

They believe that movement is the catalyst for unlocking human potential, and running is the purest expression of that belief. Under Armour understands that running has the power to transform lives,

both physically and mentally, and they are driven to ignite that transformative spark within each individual. Fuelling their passion is the unwavering belief that every step taken brings us closer to our

best selves, unleashing untapped strengths and pushing boundaries.

Under Armour relentlessly pursues innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and athlete-driven insights to create products and experiences that empower runners at every level. Their devotion to

the sport extends beyond mere apparel; it embodies a deep-rooted desire to instil the joy of movement, the thrill of accomplishment, and the belief that, through running, we can all achieve greatness.

We explore ten exciting ways to make running more enjoyable, covering various aspects from fitness and training to health, apparel, routes, friends, and more.

Set Goals and Track Progress:

Setting goals adds purpose and excitement to your running routine. Whether it';s completing a certain distance, improving your speed, or participating in a race, having a desired target to work towards can

provide a sense of achievement and make the art of running more fun. Additionally, tracking your progress using apps or fitness trackers allows you to see how far you've come and keeps you


Mix Up Your Training:

Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for running. Incorporate different types of workouts into your training regime keeps things interesting. Try interval training, hill sprints, tempo runs, or even mix

in some cross-training activities like cycling or swimming to challenge your body in different ways. Running the same route day after day can become monotonous and may lead to you losing that inner-spark. Break the routine by exploring new routes and locations. Seek out scenic trails, urban parks, or even run in different neighbourhoods to add freshness and excitement to your runs. Exploring new routes not only keeps things interesting but also allows you to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

Join a Running Group:

Running with others can be a fantastic way to make running more enjoyable – be it one person or ten. Not only are you exposed to new people, but you are also introduced to like-minded individuals who

too, are looking to spice up their running game. Look for local running groups or clubs in your area to meet other running enthusiasts who share your passion for running. Group runs provide an

opportunity to socialise, share experiences, and even discover new running routes. Plus, it makes the run seem that much quicker!

Invest in Good Running Shoes:

Under Armour have delivered a brand new running shoe that is said to change the way people view running – whether leisurely or competitively. Having recently launched in South Africa, the Flow

Velociti Elite will set the tone for all elite running apparel going forward. With major advancements in material innovation, infrared technology, carbon plate and midsole geometry; as well as lightweight,

resilient, high-energy returning foam, Under Armour have paved the way for a new landscape when bringing forth the FLOW Velociti Elite, proudly known as their & fastest running shoe that aims to give

you the speed you need to take you to the next level! A good pair of running shoes man ultimately make or break your run, when looking at factors such as comfort, sit, and durability.

Create a Killer Playlist:

Music can be a powerful motivator during a run. Create a playlist of energising tunes that inspire you and keep you moving. Sync the beats with your running pace to help maintain a consistent rhythm and elevate your mood. You can also try podcasts or audiobooks to make your runs informative and entertaining. This also comes in handy when training in the gym, to block out all that unwanted noise and distraction. Let the music lead you!

Participate in Virtual Races:

Virtual races have gained popularity in recent times, allowing you to participate in races from the comfort of your own neighbourhood – and some even in the comfort of your own home on a treadmill. These events provide the thrill of competition, while the flexibility of location and timing adds convenience. Sign up for a virtual race and challenge yourself to achieve a personal best. Plus, some virtual races provide incentives and offer medals at the end of completion.

Dress the Part:

As leading developers in innovative sportswear, Under Armour highlights the importance of investing in comfortable and stylish running apparel which can enhance your overall running experience. As seen in their RUSH apparel collection, the brand uses Infrared Technology in the garments, that uses your body’s energy to reduce muscle fatigue, meaning quicker replenishment and more time to put

the work in. Anytime, anyplace, as long as your body is moving, RUSH technology will provide you with all the same benefits as an infrared sauna. What more could a runner want? Comfort is always key.

Incorporate Technology:

Make use of running apps, GPS trackers, or smartwatches to add a tech-savvy element to your runs. With so much of our lives being run by technology, you are spoilt for choice! These tools can provide

real-time data about your pace, distance, heart rate, and overall energy levels allowing you to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your running times or pace as needed.

Run for a Cause:

Combine running with giving back to the community by participating in charity runs or organising your own fundraising event with friends and family. Knowing that your efforts are making a positive impact can be highly motivating and fulfilling. Additionally, running for a cause allows you to connect with other runners who share your philanthropic spirit. Get in touch with your local SPCA’s or local children’s homes and see how you can raise funds for specific needs that they may have – especially with Winter approaching, many organisations are in need of warm blankets for their cause.

Celebrate your Success:

Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your running milestones – no matter how big or small. Not everyone that starts a race is a professional. Whether it's completing your first 5km, setting a

personal record, or reaching a specific distance, celebrate your achievements with a small reward or by treating yourself to something special. Recognising your progress and hard work will help motivate

you to reach the next goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Running not only offers numerous health benefits but also provides a gateway to a world of enjoyment and fulfilment. By embracing the fun aspects of running, setting goals, exploring new routes, connecting with like-minded individuals, and celebrating milestones, you can transform running into an exhilarating adventure.

So, lace up your shoes, hit the pavement, and discover the incredible benefits and joy that awaits you on every stride. It's time to unlock the power of running and embark on a journey that will not only strengthen your body but also nourish your soul.

Happy Global Running Day to all!


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