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4 Executive Superstars in Modern Out-of-Office Projection.

Trends in projector technology are keeping pace with workplace trends towards interaction and collaboration and with time in an ever-diminishing supply there is a rising demand for business projectors as a multi-media tool to save time and improve productivity, collaboration, and business efficiency both in and out-of- the office. · Multi-media projection on the move

· Cinema style presentation

· Portable streaming capabilities

· Lightweight wireless affordability

Despite the debate regarding who developed the first projector, it has had a long history, with the technology of light-illuminated images first being realized in 1895.

Pair this to the 21st centuries desire for being logged-on and connected consumers, we are witnessing a return of the projector with multi-media wireless connectivity, along with new lens technology for HD imaging, shorter throw projection, customizable screen size, improved audio and importantly, more eye comfort.

As a modern business tech tool, projectors continue to optimize collaborative communication and connection, driving its growth in the marketplace with its trending features in portability, USB plug and play, and lightweight, compact size that busy executives can slide inside their purse or briefcase.

An inclusive and engaging learning tool, even small businesses and work-from-home entrepreneurs are moving away from the restrictive size of displaying projects on laptops and turning towards the updated efficiency of projectors with built in media streaming for keynote presentation, boardroom meetings, project demonstrations, tradeshow marketing, teaching, training, and real time social media agency analysis.

As executives enjoy bigger screen size projection for less financial outlay, Philips have handpicked four executive superstar projectors to boost your business into next year.

Personal Power Up!

For work-from-home executives, digital nomads, adventurers, solo travellers, and passionate hobbyists, the ultimate smart phone companion presents itself in the premium-styled portable Philips GoPix 1 Mobile Projector R9,999.00, an ultra slim, pocket-size projector, engineered with aluminium and fully portable to suit your rugged or always-on-the-move lifestyle.

Philips GoPix 1 Mobile Projector R9,999.00

Connect all your devices to the Philips GoPix 1 from your PC, your tablet or via your smartphone or playing console and start streaming. Equipped with a USB-C and an HDMI cable port, it comes clad in aluminium with a small tripod which screws on to assist in orientating the projector.

This nifty traveller can produce up to 75-in wide diagonally and comes with a built-in speaker. Winner of the iF Design and Red Dot awards 2022, you can connect your projector via mini-HDMI and USB-C, and its battery will last for up to 2 hours between charges.

Key Buying Features include:

· Easily connects to all devices

· Projects up to 200cm in true 480p resolution for up to 2 hours

· Powerful LED light source for rich, vivid colours

· Small enough to fit in your pocket, with a 2-year warranty

· Built-in speakers

· Aspect ratio. 16:9. Throw ratio. 1,2:1. Contrast ratio. 600:1.

Corporate Executive Effect

Philips NeoPix Ultra 2TV projector

With booming sound via two 15-watt surround sound speakers and bass boost for maximum effect, the Philips NeoPix Ultra 2TV projector R12,649.00 provides deep immersion for films, music, and event displays, sure to impress everyone from music professors to movie moguls. Providing the largest possible picture, it can reach the crowds, be it students, work staff or rugby friends, to share information in a more entertaining way which gets facts across quicker.

Based on a unique sealed LED engine, this shining beauty is not only elegant, but has been tuned to deliver 75% more brightness and colour accuracy. Its powerful LED light source won’t need to be replaced either, it will last up to 30 000 hours providing you with a continuous and full HD 1080p Android TV experience. Binge watch television or pick up where you left off when you ask the Google Assistant! Chromecast built-in lets you cast your favorite apps and entertainment from your phone, tablet, or laptop right to your Ultra 2TV projector.

Key buying features include:

· Built-in Android TV

· Built-in Media Player for unlimited streaming

· Fully Connected capabilities with USB, HDMI, and SPDIF

· Low power, eco-friendly consumption with a bigger screen

· LCD display technology with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution

· Projects images up to 22cm with its own smart remote

· Light and easy to use space-saver.

Illuminated Power Collaboration

In the same series, the Philips Neopix Ultra 2+ projector gets smaller and smarter to project true Full HD 1080p images.

Easily enhance your business and lifestyle entertainment wherever you go with its 65inch wide visuals which stream multimedia content wirelessly from your phone, laptop, or tablet via wi-fi screen mirroring or play content direct from any USB stick.

Its keystone, 4 corner correction and digital zoom corrections help eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture, even if the projector is not straight in front of the wall. The stereo speakers provide a super sound for a total cinematic immersion.

The keystone correction combined with the focus technology allow you to fine-tune images to your needs and place your projector at any distance.

Key Buying Features include:

· Eco-friendly, with low power consumption

· LED light source lasts up to 30 000 hours

· Bigger screen and fully immersive experience

· Built-in Hi-Fi stereo speakers with equalizer and surround sound

· Android TV Experience you can customise for your favourite apps

· Bluetooth and Gamepad connectivity

Lightweight Cinematic Experience

Compact and powerfully bright the Philips PicoPix Max One Projector R16,539.00 is one of the smallest but super bright Android TV based projectors with USB type C video port and HDMI delivering true full HD 1080p high-definition sharpness.

Philips PicoPix Max One Projector

Lightweight and easy to pack away in its pouch, now you can take the perfect image with you.

Featuring an advanced LED light source, the PicoPix Max One has 4 channel LED so the pictures and colours remain lifelike and text remains clear. And, with built in speaker performance offering a captivating sound there is no need for extra sound to be added when it comes to setting up its tripod mounted position. Get entertainment on the go with the built-in battery providing up to 5 hours of projection and power bank so you can take it anywhere you go assured of perfect, clear video projection whenever you want.

Key Buying Features include:

· 4 channel LED

· true Full HD 1080p resolution with digital zoom

· cable-free projection for 5 hours and Power bank

· Fully Connected (HDMI, USB, USB Type-C) with auto-keystone

· Small enough to easily travel with.

Pack a punch in corporate mobility in 2023 with these executive projector tools from Philips to power you through the work week, engaging diverse work forces and inspiring new ways of working in a focused and hi-tech world.


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