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4TH STREET WINES launches awesome new Augmented Reality Experience.

4th STREET Wines is excited to launch a new AR (augmented reality) experience that allows consumers to virtually access the awesome world of 4th STREET. As South Africa's trailblazing sweet wine brand 4th STREET is plugged-in to exciting experiences, cool connections and authentic collaborations that inspires a new generation of wine-drinkers by giving them access to unique, awesome possibilities - and the new 4th STREET AR experience is testament to this.

The 4th STREET AR world is a virtual 360° experience that is easily accessible by simply scanning the QR code that’s printed on a 4th STREET wine box or bottle using a cell phone, or by following the bio links posted on 4th STREET’s social media pages.

This launches a vibey neon-coloured experience with features that consumers can interact with and fully immerse themselves into the upbeat 4th STREET world. Some of the features include street art murals where users can add colour and flair to create their own bespoke designs; an AR photobooth for users to snap a selfie or group photo with friends and add cool filters and stickers before sharing directly to their social media pages; as well as a cocktail section with delicious signature 4th STREET cocktail recipes – easy enough to make at weekend hangouts with the crew.

Some well-known personalities sharing their 4th STREET AR experiences on social media include award-winning rapper Dee Koala and visual artist Samurai Farai, just to name a few.

There are also some awesome prizes up for grabs just by simply using the AR experience. Users can win swag with their own bespoke designs printed on it by sharing the artwork they created in the 4th STREET AR world to their social media accounts and tagging @4thStreetWine as well as #AccessAwesome, #Go4th.

Awesome is right here with 4th STREET Wine, don’t miss out on the hype and make sure to join in the fun with the cool new 4th STREET AR experience.

Below is the QR Code to join the 4th Street AR experience:

To learn more about 4th STREET Wines and their latest news visit and follow 4th STREET Wines on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and look out for the hashtags #AccessAwesome; #Go4th; #4thSTREET; #VibeStarterPack


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