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They say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, which rings true to anyone that has ever had the pleasure of holding an Essence product in their hand before – the perfect sculpting tool; the fabulous fearless female find; the make-up magical must-have; and the one-of-a-kind cosmetics brand that is made to leave you feeling beautiful without breaking the bank.

essence was started by Christina, a fearless entrepreneurial woman, who wanted to make a different cosmetics brand – a really fun brand that offers both great quality and excellent prices. As a brand, they believe in high quality makeup and great prices because feeling beautiful shouldn’t be seen as a once in a while luxury, but a daily treat.

When it comes to their ethos and brand philosophy, they believe that beauty is being who you are, who you want to be and having fun while doing it.

“We think real beauty with a real story is inspiring – which is why we love our consumers!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t have to be so serious, it should be fun”

Their brand success, which started back in 2001, has growth from strength to strength, with their product line having increased to an impressive catalogue of must-haves - some of which include their latest additions such as Glow Serum Primers, Matte Lipsticks, Hydrating Tinted Creams and MORE!

We highlight 5 of their latest products and why they are a must have for any beauty-babe!

PRODUCT: Essence Hello, Good Stuff! Glow Serum Primer

ABOUT: The HELLO, GOOD STUFF! GLOW SERUM PRIMER is enriched with watermelon water and niacinamide, and is made of 93% natural ingredients.

MUST-HAVE REASON ONE: The light gel texture absorbs into the skin quickly and gives it an instant boost of freshness and moisture. It contains 93% natural ingredients, watermelon water & niacinamide.

MUST-HAVE REASON TWO: The serum ensures extra soft skin – the perfect base for make-up or simply as part of your skincare routine. The light gel texture absorbs quickly & makes the skin feel extra soft.

A BIG YES FROM US: Vegan; Acetone Free; Alcohol free; Clean Beauty.

USES: Use the Hydrating serum primer as a make-up base or as part of your skincare routine.

PRICE: R119.95

PRODUCT: Essence Hydro Hero 24h Hydrating Tinted Cream

ABOUT: The hydro hero 24h HYDRATING TINTED CREAM combines foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen in one product.

MUST-HAVE REASON ONE: Thanks to the buildable, light to medium coverage, the BB Cream creates an even complexion with a fresh, natural finish.

MUST-HAVE REASON TWO: 24hours - that's how long the daily care provides moisture. It also protects the skin from UV rays with an SPF of 20. The weightless, oil-free texture is made of 88% natural ingredients, is enriched with hyaluronic acid and is free of alcohol, silicones or perfume. The product feels pleasant on the skin and won't clog the pores.


PRICE: R113.95

PRODUCT: Essence Hydra Matte Lipstick

ABOUT: The hydra MATTE lipstick is long-lasting, provides plenty of moisture thanks to squalane and hyaluronic acid, and nourishes with shea butter, sunflower oil and a vitamin complex, so that no additional lip care is needed.

MUST-HAVE REASON ONE: The texture creates a creamy matte finish, feels pleasant on the lips and impresses with its high colour pay-off that lasts and lasts and lasts.

MUST-HAVE REASON TWO: For an even more colour-intensive effect, simply outline the lips with the matching essence soft & precise LIP PENCIL before applying the lipstick.

MUST-HAVE REASON THREE: With squalane, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, sunflower oil & vitamin complex. Offers a high colour pay-off & pleasant feel.

A BIG YES FROM US: Vegan; Acetone Free; Alcohol free; Clean Beauty.

PRICE: R69.95

PRODUCT: Essence Hydro Hero Under Eye Stick

ABOUT: A boost of moisture for the eye area! The formula of the HYDRO HERO under eye stick is enriched with panthenol, niacinamide and aloe vera for an intensely hydrating, nourishing effect.

MUST-HAVE REASON ONE: Thanks to the practical stick format, the transparent texture is easy to apply, both as an addition to your skincare routine in the morning or before going to bed, as well as for a skincare kick on the go.

MUST-HAVE REASON TWO: With panthenol, niacinamide & aloe vera. In a practical stick format.

A BIG YES FROM US: Vegan; Acetone Free; Alcohol free; Clean Beauty.

PRICE: R75.95

PRODUCT: Essence Sensitive But Wow Volume Mascara

ABOUT: The sensitive BUT WOW VOLUME mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and even for contact lens wearers – this has been ophthalmologically tested and confirmed.

MUST- HAVE REASON ONE: It provides the lashes with natural volume and additionally nourishes them thanks to calendula and chamomile blossom water.

MUST-HAVE REASON TWO: Another plus: the texture is easy to remove without eye make-up remover – warm water is all you need.

A BIG YES FROM US: Vegan; Clean Beauty.

PRICE: R99.95

Beauty doesn’t have to cost a lot. essence prove every day that excellent quality and innovation is not a question of price but rather, a question of taste, offering, variety, quality and high standards – all of which they possess and more.

With essence, why choose just one lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, (you get the point!) when you can try them all?

Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Takealot, Superbalist, Skinmiles & House of Cosmetics

Stay up to date on the range, follow on social media-

Instagram: @essence_cosmetics


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