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5 Minutes with Professional Rugby Player, Ruan Dreyer.

We see him on TV on the sports field over the weekends, currently for Super Rugby Season but how well do we actually know Professional Rugby Player, Ruan Dreyer. We sat down with him for a quick Q & A and got him to reveal a side you might not know....

When did you first discover a love for the sporting industry?

I think growing up in South Africa it’s almost impossible not to have a love for one or other type of sport. Since I was a little boy I recall the love my father had for rugby, I think that naturally made me develop a love for rugby from an early age.

Who are you when you’re simply at home, on a Sunday afternoon?

With my weeks being busy, Sundays is family time for me. Myself and my wife enjoy cooking together on Sundays and just relaxing in front of the TV and of late playing with my boy Anru. 

Who do you admire within the South African sporting industry, and why?

Warren Whitely, because he absolutely leads by example.

How do you deal with negative criticism?

The reality is that criticism is part of the game, I have learnt that the best one can do is to try to stay positive and to use the criticism to become a better player.

Who is your role model and why?

I see a role model as someone that a person strives to be like. I don't have a specific individual that I strive to be like except Jesus, in my opinion he is the ultimate role model.

Where’s the most interesting place you have travelled to and why?

Tokyo, Japan. The way the people live and do things are different than what we are used to. The people I was fortunate to meet there are so set in their ways and so diligent and committed in everything they do no matter how big or small the task may seem. Everything works and is always on time even with their big population.

What motto or words do you live by?

Success and failure is written in ice, and tomorrow the sun will shine

We all know that the media doesn’t always get all their info correct, what is the strangest thing you have read about yourself that wasn’t true?

The media has been quite on point with me. Nothing too bad yet.

You have a growing following on social media! What is the most memorable tweet you have received, or been tagged in?

I honestly only got into the whole social media scene 2 months ago, so I am incredibly grateful for all the love and support i get from my fans. Cant pinpoint just one, they have all been so incredible! It honestly is so appreciated.

Everybody starts their working careers off small, what was your very first job?

I was fortunate enough to start my career of at the Emirates Lions after school, working my way up the ranks from junior years to ultimately Super rugby.

The sporting industry is a tough industry to break into. What encouraging words do you have for anyone starting out?

What you reap today you will sow tomorrow (wat jy saai sal jy maai). And it's what you do when nobody is watching that counts, and which ultimately makes the difference between winning and losing.

In your line of work, you get to meet a wide variety of people. Who was your most memorable?

Johan Ackerman. Meeting him for the first time is something that I wont easily forget and being fortunate enough to be coached by him was quite something.

I am sure you have encountered a few fans along the way, what has been your favourite fan encounter?

Meeting a young boy suffering from cancer a week before he passed away.

Did you always see yourself in the sporting industry, or did you have different dreams as a child?

My dream as a child was to be able to play all day, and in a way I think I realised that dream with being able to play the game of rugby every day.

What has been your most challenging decision in your career thus far? What made it so challenging?

Getting on the plane four days after the birth of my son to join the Springboks for the Championships in Australia and New-Zealand.

Everyone harbours a pet peeve. What is yours?

When something is loose or rattling in a car, I really don’t like that.

Final Question. If you could choose any superhero to play on a big budget Hollywood production, who would you play?

Robyn Hood-his philosophy was: Take from the rich and give to the poor.

Twitter: @dreyer_ruan

Instagram: @dreyer_ruan


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