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5 minutes with Sports enthusiast and Proteas team therapist, Craig Govender

According to LinkedIn, he is a Cricket enthusiast, who is following a dream as a cricket physiotherapist. Formerly employed by the Bizhub Highveld Lions, based in Johannesburg and passionate about lower back injury prevention in young fast bowlers.

SA Life Magazine, sat down with the Passionate sports enthusiast, Craig Govender, and got the inside scoop.

Your career is filled with interesting individuals, who has been the most memorable to work with?

Dirk Nannes - Austalian and T20 Specialist - he played for the Highveld Lions.  Just a pleasant humble and genuine human being.  Extremely intelligent who didn’t speak cricket.  We spoke about life and travel. 

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Family; Passionate; People; Books; Sport

What was your childhood like?

Would not change it for the world.  Loving parents, that tried to give my brother and I a platform to grow and see the world.  My parents are my GODs.

When did you first discover a love for the career you are in?  Was it a childhood passion, or something you fell into by chance?

In 1992, the first Test match, in South Africa, post isolation.  I sat in the Friendship Stand at Kingsmead with my dad and we watched South Africa vs India.  The passion to work in cricket began there at the age of 10

Who are you when you’re simply at home, on a Sunday afternoon?

My wife, will tell you that I cannot switch off.  My brain is always active and working on something, especially business.  Prenitha usually works on a Sunday, but when she gets home we often drive to her parents’ home to have Sunday late lunch and then we get back home to watch the 8pm movie.

Who do you admire within your industry, and why?

Evan Speechly - I see him as my Physiotherapy mentor/role model.  He also gave me my first break, as a cricket physiotherapist

How do you deal with negative criticism?

It just motivates me even more, to improve.  Without negative criticism how does one get better.  We grow up within our own way of thinking and that way, may not necessarily be the right way, in a certain situation.

Who is your role model and why?

Obvious answer is my parents but apart from them its, Nicolas Kock. The brainchild of Sports Skills for Life Skills at the University of the Western Cape Cricket Club. 

Where’s the most interesting place you have travelled to and why? 

Dumbulla, Sri Lanka.  Away from city life and a town, steeped in culture and history.

What motto or words do you live by?

"Reach for the moon, even if you fail a little, you are still amongst the stars" - driven by my Dad

We all know that the media doesn’t always get all their info correct, what is the strangest thing you have read about yourself that wasn’t true?

I’m not a golfer. I only play in golf days, when invited.  I played in Neil Mckenzie's Golf Day and got the wooden spoon.  A journalist mentioned (I know it was a joke and didn’t take it too seriously), an "Indian, wooden spooner, that’s not normal".  I took it as a complement. 

You have a growing following on social media! What is the most memorable tweet you have received, or been tagged in?

Probably during the cricket World Cup 2019, in England.  I was regularly abused by a certain individual about injuries within the squad during the tournament and should be fired.

Everybody starts their working careers off small, what was your very first job?

Apart from having to complete my Community Service after graduation, in Dundee; Northern KZN.  I had a locum job once a week at Milnerton Medi Clinic

Your industry is a tough industry to break into. Hard Work and dedication and so much dedication. What encouraging words do you have for anyone starting out?

Write down your Life Goals and then write down short term and long term goals to pave your way towards your Life Goals.   Never give up, as it’s not a smooth path.

In your line of work, you get to meet a wide variety of people. Who was your most memorable?

Our Laison Officers on each trip.  Men dedicated to their jobs and passionate about making our lives easy on tour. 

I am sure you have encountered a few people along the way, what has been your favourite fan encounter?

An evening with Pravin Arme - watched him has a 10 year old (1992), score a Test 100 at Kingsmead.  Had a chat to him in 2018 in Dehli.

What has been your most challenging decision in your career thus far? What made it so challenging?

Choosing a domestic team over an IPL Team

Everyone harbours a pet peeve. What is yours?

People that do not respect time and those that leave things around for others to clean up and throw into bins.

Final Question. If you could choose any superhero to play on a big budget Hollywood production, who would you play?

Xaiver from X-men. Being in a wheelchair; not athletic and not always at the eye level of people, doesnt not dictate your capabilites. Exercising the mind is far superior than other elements of life.

Any words for South Africans during these challenging times.

Remain positive during times of negativity. Be proactive and work on things that you previously did not have time for.

Quick Fire Questions:

Favourite chocolate?  Milky Bar

Favourite TV show? Bionic 6

Favourite movie?  The Green Mile

Favourite Travel Item?  My Journal

Favourite Clothing Brand? Vans

Favourite childhood memory? Watching the Ashes in the early hours of the morning with my brother, Kyle

Favourite holiday destination? New York

Favourite sportswoman? Kelly Holmes

Must have fashion accessory? Sneakers

Favourite drink? Ice Coffee

Follow Craig's journey on Social Media -

Facebook: @CraigGovender 

Twitter: @Craig_gov 

Instagram: @911Govie


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