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Cyclists are always hunting for the best and most effective way to recover from hard workouts and races. And who can blame them? The ability to recover quickly means cyclists can continue training hard, which in theory, means progression to becoming a faster, stronger cyclist.

Cycling offers numerous health benefits ranging from improved posture, flexibility, coordination, and mental health to increased cardiovascular health.

When it comes to the major muscles involved in cycling – these include the hamstrings, the calves, the glute muscles, the hip muscle, and of course the quadriceps muscle, which is indispensable to cycling. These muscles work hand in hand in the pedalling and propelling the cyclist, doing much of the work.

What is the Hypervolt Go 2? Say hello to the ultimate portable percussion massager. It’s more than just an ordinary massage gun – it’s designed for go-getters like you to help you do what you love, more.

Massage guns are more popular than ever. Celebrities, professional athletes and fitness influencers alike rave about their benefits. That’s because anyone can use them – whether you’re an active individual who like light exercise or a seasoned professional athlete, the benefits are equally beneficially for all.

Percussive therapy is said to help muscles recover faster while reducing muscle pain, muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up. A massager gun uses the force of percussive therapy (also known as vibration therapy) to manipulate your body's soft tissue – and even better, a percussion gun allows you to focus on a certain muscle group or muscle knots for immediate pain relief.

With a product like the Hypervolt Go 2, you can guarantee yourself a deep-tissue massage, used for trigger point release on your tightest muscles. This will not only aid in recovery, but speed it up too.

One of the main benefits of a percussion massage gun is that it can result in delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, a runners nemesis. DOMS is that sore, tight feeling that pops up anywhere from 24-28 hours after an intense workout or race. DOMS is not only uncomfortable, but it can hinder future workouts by leaving you feeling either too sore to workout, or inhibiting movement patterns because of soreness. By giving your muscles the daily relief they've been asking for with the Hypervolt Go 2's percussion massage you’ll be able to warm up quickly, stay loose, and accelerate recovery at home and beyond.

SA Life Magazine caught up with Hyperice Business Developer, Deon van Wyk, who highlights 5 reasons why every cyclist needs the Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2, an upgraded version of their original Hypervolt device.

1. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue

Get rid of muscle knots and loosen up. It’s amazing what you can do with your full range of motion. Give your muscles the daily relief they've been asking for with the Hypervolt Go 2's percussion massage. Lightweight, versatile, and sleekly designed, it offers relief on-the-go – massaging away stress and tension, loosening muscle knots, and targeting fatigue.

2. Good vibes every day

Portable and always on-call. Think of Hypervolt Go 2 is like a massage therapist to massage away all your stress and tension. With a Pill shaped grip for a comfortable hold, your Hyperice can go with you anywhere, any time. Approved by TSA for carry-on.

3. Optimise your workouts

Get ready to rock. And recover right. The Hypervolt Go 2 accelerates your warmup and recovery time like a boss. At only 1.5 pounds, it fits perfectly in your bag and sits beautifully in your home. With 3 hours of battery life per charge, and patented QuietGlide® technology for hyper-quiet sessions, the Hypervolt Go 2 balances power and portability for a deeply satisfying massage.

4. Design that delivers

The new Hypervolt Go 2 has a sophisticated design that looks good and feels good. It is built to last, with high-quality materials, intuitive ergonomics and a modern arctic-grey finish.

With a push start button control and 3 speeds of powerful percussion you’ll feel brand new!

5. Do what you love. More

At work or working from home, at the gym, or trailside on your run, Hypervolt helps you move better and do more. With 2 head attachments you will have all the power in the palm of your hands.

Indeed, riding a bike is a pleasurable exercise for all-round fitness, but injuries, sprains, spasms, or other disturbances to your muscles can make cycling less more of a pleasure, which is why Hyperice massage guns are an important part of the recovery process which ensures these don’t happen.

Hyperice is on a mission to help the world move better. As the global recovery technology leader, specialising in vibration, percussion and thermal technology, Hyperice is used by the most elite athletes, professional sports leagues and teams to optimise player performance.

In March 2020, Hyperice acquired Normatec, innovators of cutting-edge dynamic compression systems, in December 2020 acquired RecoverX, pioneers of intelligent thermal technologies, to deliver next-generation performance and wellness solutions and in July 2021 acquired Core, both an app and a handheld meditation device designed to track heart rate and stress levels.

South Africans can purchase the Hypervolt Go 2 and other Hyperice products on TakeAlot, Gear4U, EveryShop, ebucks, and Momentum Multiply.

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