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Awe & Wonder for Liezel van der Westhuizen's WOW 2020 Award!

Your favorite Giraffe is, once again, towering above the rest - this time, thanks to her helpfulness & generosity during the global pandemic.

Liezel van der Westhuizen, the beloved television & radio presenter, Personal Branding Coach, and Virtual speaker, has been awarded in the PANACHE WOW (Women of Wonder) Awards.

The Panache WOW Award recipients are selected for the prominence of their hard work, their perseverance, as well as their dedication. These wonderful and empowering awards are also given to the recipients who are courageously striving to achieve their dreams and aspirations, and who serve as a role model to South Africans.

During the 2020 lockdown, Liezel kickstarted a live weekly interview show (Marketing Monday) fostering a community of support on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Liezel brings in a guest that is knowledgeable, experienced, is a thought-leader, or is just unique and intriguing, to get answers for everyone in the virtual world seeking guidance or inspiration. With a mission to connect with people from around the world, who wanted to learn, develop, and grow, Marketing Monday became a midday time slot many tune into to this day, to get their burning business or marketing-related questions answered. Marketing Monday is an opportunity and a platform for audiences and guests alike, to share valuable tips, learn, connect, support, and advise - growing everyone from entrepreneurs, to business owners, individuals, and more.

The towering giraffe known for her incredible Speaker skills, statuesque height, and love of the outdoors, also cements her place as influential to industry, with The Giraffe Brand Academy - her renowned business, where she coaches business owners, blue-chip corporate clients, and entrepreneurs, on building their personal brands up better than ever.

Liezel is known for being dynamic, and being an unselfish connector of great ideas, to great minds, and great resources - knowing when to lead, and when to step aside for those that she knows can do it better; she exemplifies the WOW Awards recipient, with her professional and personal successes, being a progressive thinker, and unequivocally for making a difference in society - even beyond her far-reaching virtual efforts.

We congratulate and celebrate Liezel van der Westhuizen, for being a 2020 WOW Awards recipient.

Follow Liezel on social media -

Instagram: @liezelonline

Twitter: @liezelv

Facebook: @liezelonline


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