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BEHIND THE BAR with rapper, social media content creator and all round good vibes, KEVI KEV.

Being a social entrepreneur in today’s climate requires one to wear many hats to break through the noise and social media sensation – Kevi Kev – has certainly broken through the noise with his engaging social media content creation to become the certified ‘Minister of Good Vibes’ in Joburg’s social scene.

We sat down with the multi-talented creator to walk through what it takes to bring BIG FLAVOUR in his every endeavour.

What does living up on Big Flavour mean to Kevi Kev?

Well, to me it means going Big in everything you do and believe in

How would you describe Kevi Kev’s rap style?

I would say my style is Modern hip hop with a lot of kasi flavour.

What experience do you feel has elevated your style and public domain?

With always being out and finding myself in situations where I am the one having to address the crowd at events.

What is your favourite beverage and how do you prefer to enjoy it?

My favourite beverage is definitely a Johnnie Walker Whisky Sour, and my preference is enjoying it around company of friends or at lunch.

Where should we catch Kevi Kev next?

You can find me at The Johnnie Walker Flavour code on the 25th of March, where I will be "MC with Most", making sure the vibes are always above average.

For exciting giveaways and more information follow the brand conversation with Johnnie Walker by visiting the official Flavour Code website as well as our social media pages @johnniewalkersa or use the hashtags #KeepWalkingSA and/or #Flavourcode.

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