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Body care is the new face care – BODYLAB™ tells us why.

Most of us invest a substantial amount of time in perfecting our facial skincare routines. From researching ingredients, to following intricate skincare regimes and going for professional treatments, we spend the time and the money because we know that it will serve us well in the long-term. But what about the skin on the rest of your body?

The skin plays many roles in the functioning of our body, the most important of which, is protection. Our skin protects us from outside elements, from harmful bacteria and pollutants. If our skin is compromised, we will be more susceptible to harmful germs and bacteria, and our immunity will thus be compromised.

To maintain the health of our skin, it is important to keep it well-moisturised. Dry skin is more likely to flake and crack, whereas hydrated skin retains moisture and has a well-functioning skin barrier (which keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out).

Caring for the skin on your body thus has several health benefits, but it also has cosmetic benefits.

Signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume shows up on our faces, prompting us to invest in good quality skincare and treatments to plump, hydrate and treat our facial skin. But the signs of ageing are not exclusive to our faces – wrinkles occur all over the body. As we age, the skin on our arms and legs may start to take on a crepey appearance, we may develop “age spots” or pigmented areas and our skin may begin to look dull and dry as it loses hydration and volume.

While this is all natural and part of growing older, it is possible to delay these signs of ageing by putting a little bit more effort into our body care routine. After all, if you’re successful in maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion, wouldn’t you want the same for the rest of your body?

The number one body care product you need to ensure your skin stays soft, moisturised, smooth and healthy is body lotion. When applied daily, body lotion will put moisture back into the skin, making it stronger and more resilient, and maintain its youthful appearance and texture for longer.

Like skincare, all body care products are not created equal. To get the best results from your body lotion you need to choose a formula that contains effective active ingredients, one that is dermatologically-tested and one that offers a clean formula free from unnecessary additional ingredients.

BODYLAB™ SCIENCE provides a range of quality body lotions focused on hydrating your skin and restoring its health. Each body lotion in the range contains key active ingredients to address a particular concern and is inspired by innovative formulations used in facial serums.

To promote hydration, try: BODYLAB™ SCIENCE Hyaluronic Body Lotion 500ml (R89.95)

It promotes hydrated, toned and smooth skin and has a revitalising and replenishing effect. The formula contains super hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant vitamin E to leave skin soft, toned and moisturised.

To promote brighter skin, try BODYLAB™ SCIENCE Vitamin C Body Lotion 500ml (R89.95)

It is rich in antioxidants (like vitamin C & E) that reduce DNA damage caused by free radicals, thereby reducing the signs of aging (wrinkles & fine lines etc). The formula is infused with vitamin C and E for their moisturising, firming and toning abilities and is fragranced with delicate notes of grapefruit and neroli to leave you refreshed and ready for the day.

To promote suppleness, try BODYLAB™ SCIENCE Collagen Body Lotion 500ml (R89.95)

It contains peptides to promote hydrated and supple skin and is fragranced with summery notes of floral honey. The formula is infused with collagen peptides and vitamin E for moisture, hydration and elasticity.

To promote youthful-looking skin, try: BODYLAB™ SCIENCE Retinol Lotion 500ml (R89.95)

This body lotion helps promote youthful, smooth and evenly-toned skin. Infused with vitamin A derived retinol and vitamin E for toning, smoothing, softening and firming, it is delicately scented with wild rose.

To promote soothed skin, try: BODYLAB™ SCIENCE Magnesium Body Lotion 500ml (R89.95)

Designed to promote moisturised, soothed and softened skin, this lotion leaves skin feeling soft and supple thanks to the presence of magnesium and vitamin E. It is fragranced with earthy and delicate patchouli and bergamot notes that have an uplifting effect.

Whatever your body care concern or preference, BODYLAB™ SCIENCE has a targeted solution suitable for your needs. Remember – your skin will be with you for the rest of your life, so it’s best to start protecting it!

BODYLAB™ SCIENCE is available at and Clicks stores.

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