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Chef Mbombi adopts Maps Maponyane!

South Africans are known for our love of food. We are a nation of eaters, often using

mouth-watering dishes as a love language that we share with those closest to our hearts.

Something else we are famous for as South Africans is our competitive spirit. We always

want to lead the way in discovering new global trends and injecting popular culture with our

vibrant perspective. Many of us are currently looking at our lifestyles and evaluating how we

can change the way we live so that we become more sustainable, and how we can adopt

better eating habits.

That is where Oumph comes in. Oumph is designed for the adventurous eater who loves

food and wants to try out something new with Oumph products providing an exciting

addition to any plate.

Oumph designs all of its products to fall in line with their belief that a great taste experience

is key to a food culture. Oumph is driven by their ambition to address climate change and

the impact that humans have on our environment while increasing the health of as many

people as possible and retaining the joy of eating so many of us cherish.

Adopt A Carnivore Campaign

To start 2022, Oumph is promoting the Adopt a Carnivore Campaign which will run

throughout the month of January and February.

The concept is simple, flexitarians will be encouraged to adopt a carnivore, by taking a

carnivore under their wing and helping them discover the joys of including plant-based

foods into their diets. This program is not about converting them into vegans/vegetarians

but is simply a fantastic way for veggie lovers to help their carnivorous besties discover the

fun they can have by adding meat alternatives to their diet.

Consumers are invited to take part in a four-week challenge where they will be prompted to

take a closer look into plant-based food and how it might fit into their current lifestyles.

Oumph will be helping them out by partnering with influencers who have been paired up to

bring the campaign to life. Oumph aims to inspire consumers into action with an influencer-

based campaign where a well-known veggie-lover will team up with a well-known meat-

lover with the aim of introducing them to epic veggie eating. Celebrity chef, Chef Mbombi,

has adopted South African television presenter and actor, Maps Maponyane as his

carnivore. Their exciting new journey will be documented on social media weekly, with

influencers sharing their learnings with consumers.

In the first week, contestants will discuss their veggie-inspired meal plans and dishes. Teams

will then be encouraged to share a photo of their first meal with their newly adopted

carnivore. In the second week, the adopters will share their veggie meals with their adopted

carnivore and teams will then be encouraged to share a reaction picture or video of the

carnivore trying out this new recipe. In week three the adopters in the teams will share

specific recipes with each other, and finally, in week four, the carnivores will have to

prepare a veggie meal for their adopters to taste and comment on.

Oumph is making the challenge a little sweeter for consumers! In addition to the fun of

getting your carnivore to eat their greens and watching the influencers do their thing,

Oumph is also adding a competition element to the challenge. Teams that take part in the

Adopt A Carnivore Challenge Challenge and share their progress on social media while

tagging the Oumph page and using their hashtag, stand a chance of winning a R20 000

Yuppiechef voucher + an Oumph hamper. There will also be five additional hampers to be

given away to those teams who have impressed the judges with their creativity and fun

approach to epic veggie eating.

So, get inspired, team up and take on a plant-based challenge with Oumph!


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