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Coach POWELL Lite’ns Up Pre-Rugby World Cup Sevens South Africa 2022 Hype at Cape Town Stadium.

The Rugby World Cup Seven South Africa 2022 is officially closer than front rows during a ruck, and to help make sure the players and fans were prepared for the biggest weekend of the rugby calendar 9-11 September 2022, a very special event took place in Cape Town.

Hot on the heels of the teams triumphant performance at Commonwealth Games, South African Sevens Rugby Coach Neil Powell on behalf of Caste Lite assembled the media and the social media elite in the Cape Town Stadium locker room.

He sat the contingent down to outline his secrets to success and rally them to engage the most powerful force in rugby - the fans. After Coach Neil’s inspiring words, you could feel that the gees in the room was so thick, you could spread it on toast.

His speech was partnered perfectly by Castle Lite’s Brand Director Colleen Duvenage, who scored numerous tries when she outlined how Castle Lite, as a Global Partner to the Rugby World Cup Sevens South Africa 2022, will be adding to the tournament’s fun with their Lite’n Up Campaign.

Her rousing speech announced the Official Rugby World Cup Sevens Fan Village, unlocked by Castle Lite. That’s right, Castle Lite will be an integral part of the fun by unlocking every sports fanatic’s dream space – a Fan Village.

They’re really showing us what it means to show up for super fans and bringing the narrative of the Lite’n Up campaign to life in: how to have the most fun in 14-minutes! Castle Lite will also famously deliver on the most exciting entertainment line-ups for the weekend – this is surely the most fun we’ve had in a minute!

A few weeks ago, Castle Lite was announced as The Official Sponsor of the Lite Side of Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022, which will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa from the 9th to the 11th of September. For those wishing that they could watch the 14 action-packed minutes in real time, there may be hope on the horizon.

All you have to do is sign up at to stand a chance to win a full 3 day experience, tickets or at-home kits to keep you celebrating. So, if you’re ready to show us your Lite side, Castle Lite could Lite’n-ing up your Rugby World Cup Sevens South Africa experience.

Seeing as South African rugby fans are renowned for their great vibes, and unforgettable outings, it was a match made in heaven for Castle Lite, a brand that’s all about enjoyment and LITE-hearted fun.


Coach Neil comment….” The rugby fans around Mzansi need to bring their A game to the Cape Town stadium to witness a one of a kind, adrenalin pumping, action packed tournament in the history of the south African world cup sevens rugby, I urge all rugby fans from all over Mzansi to keep it locked to their tv screens and keep up with all the action as it unfolds this September”


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