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Western Cape-based brewery, Darling Brew, continues to deliver innovative new offerings to its award-winning portfolio of products—and South African consumers are embracing them!

The most recent creation from Darling Brew to hit the market, a gluten-free Lager called BREAK FREE, which was introduced in December, has already created quite a stir, with online sales outstripping the rest of the range during February!

Darling Brew

Darling Brew is striving to make BREAK FREE more readily available, and in addition to now being stocked in an increasing number of liquor outlets across the country and from Darling Brew directly, this in-demand beer is now also available online through Takealot.

This innovative offering is the result of a year-long development process dedicated to perfecting a gluten-free beer that lives up to the high standards set by Darling Brew and redefines the way gluten-intolerant beer enthusiasts indulge in their favourite beverage. When launched, BREAK FREE was set to create a buzz in the beer community, and it is certainly doing just that.

Darling Brew

"We are thrilled that the newest addition to our range of craft beers, which fills a gap in the market and reflects our unwavering dedication to producing top-quality, delectable beer, has been met with such enthusiasm by consumers,” says Tewie Roos, Managing Director of Darling Brew. “Globally, there is an increased demand for gluten-free products in general. In South Africa, gluten-free beer is a rarity, and we are pleased to be vanguards in this regard—BREAK FREE is a game changer for beer lovers who are gluten intolerant!”

"At Darling Brew, we believe that beer should be about enjoyment, and that's exactly what our BREAK FREE brings to the table. Perfect for those seeking a gluten-free option without compromising on taste, BREAK FREE is a refreshing and crisp lager with a light golden hue and delicate aromas of floral hops. On the palate, it has subtle notes of citrus and grain, leading to a clean, smooth finish.”

Darling Brew

As with all of the Darling Brew Craft portfolio, the inspiration for the name and label design has come from nature, with the vibrant and diverse colours of the White-Bellied Sunbird—a small bird that represents freedom and strength—inspiring the colourful label of BREAK FREE, which promotes the idea of breaking free from gluten and enjoying beer without any limitations.

As the first carbon-neutral brewery in Africa, pioneering innovation is at the heart of everything that Darling Brew is about, and their drinks range speaks for itself with BREAK FREE, joining a host of products that cater to all tastes. Included in this are premium lagers, an award-winning non-alcoholic beer, a beer shandy, and ready-to-drink spirit products such as a Rum & Raspberry blend, as well as the much-loved Beer Grain Crisps. Darling Brew’s product development pedigree is evident in the 13 awards received during 2023 from two renowned African beer competitions.

“Moving forward, we will continue to push the boundaries and set new benchmarks in the craft beer industry while remaining true to our heritage and values," concluded Roos.

BREAK FREE can be ordered online from Takealot and the Darling Brew website or purchased at leading bottle stores and retailers nationwide. For more information, visit or connect with Darling Brew on Facebook, Instagram, and X @DarlingBrew.


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