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Dr.Beckmann Glowhite #LoveWhatWorksSA.

Keep your white fabrics newer for longer, Dr. Beckmann Glowhite fabric whitener restores and retains the whiteness of your fabrics from the first wash.

Glowhite’s intensive formula maintains long-lasting brilliance and prevents greying and yellowing. In just one wash give your laundry luminosity again!

There is no need to replace your washed-out white garments, simply pop a brightening sachet into the back of the machine drum on top of the laundry load.


1. Simply pop a sachet into the back of the machine drum on top of the laundry, then add your usual washing detergent as normal.

2. No need to soak, wash as normal, the intensive formula is effective on a wide variety of fabrics and works from 20oC upwards.

3. Always remember to remove and dispose the empty sachet(s) at the end of the wash.

For large wash loads or where an intensive treatment is required, use two sachets. Always check the wash care label and machine instructions before you wash.

Available at selected Pick n Pay, Checkers, Dis-Chem and Spar stores nationwide


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