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Enjoy new symbols of love and luck from Pandora for a positive start to the new year.

Big dreams in little symbols. Newness to be discovered

Every new year presents us with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in every way we can. Find new ways to tell your story through Pandora symbolic charms and jewellery that convey who you are and where you're going, use vivid colours to express your vibe, and channel positive energy through symbolism. Showcase your personality with meaningful pieces that reflect your values. Make your present and your future grounded with symbols of hope, luck, balance, and knowledge from Pandora.

Adding the new Pandora Club 2022 Charm to your collection will remind you that “Hope has wings.”

Embrace the spirit of balance with the new splittable Yin & Yang Sparkling Dangle Charm from Pandora .

Aim for new horizons. Keep little symbols of luck, courage, protection, and peace with you wherever you go.

Make your bracelets come to life with PANDORA charms, hand-finished from precious 14K gold, sterling silver, Pandora rose, and Murano glass.

Available to shop in-store and online


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