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Essence coffee to glow.

But first, coffee: what would the start of the day be like without our beloved wake-up drink? Just thinking about the scent of freshly ground coffee invigorates the senses and the gorgeous barista creations are true works of art. Whether you're Team Caramel Macchiato, Mocha or Espresso – the essence Trend Edition Coffee to Glow makes the hearts of

both coffee and beauty lovers beat a little faster and gives your make-up routine the ultimate kick. #powerofcoffee

Gentle treatments with caffeine and coffee bean particles give the skin the boost it needs and ensure a radiant complexion. Shimmering golden, warm colours, the invigorating aroma of coffee and other effective ingredients such as vitamin E and coconut oil turn the products in this Trend Edition into a wake-up make-up wonder for a subtle glow.

The eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette with eight coffee-inspired shades of brown and gold makes the eyes shine and creates expressive eyeshadow looks with a warm finish. The mix of matte and metallic swirl and gloss textures ensures stunning eye make-up as artful as barista creations.

Around R 176.95 // 01 Up For Coffee?

Under-eye energy treatment

The caffeine boost for the eyes! The under-eye energy treatment wakes up tired eyes in no time at all. The refreshing texture with caffeine and vitamin E helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes and visibly evens out fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for a quick energy kick in the morning and on the go!

Around R 81.95 // 01 Espresso Yourself!

Body & mind wake up mist

The Body & Mind Wake Up Mist is an absolute must-have for those who just can't get enough of the aroma of coffee. The soothing, gentle scent of delicious caramel macchiato

lingers pleasantly on the skin. Thanks to the caffeine ingredient, it also gives the body a unique, invigorating feeling with just one spray.

Around R 76.95 // 01 Give It Your Best Shot!

Healthy glow face scrub

The healthy glow face scrub with real coffee is about to become an essential part of the skincare routine. The powder with real coffee bean particles effortlessly merges with

water to form a gentle face scrub that nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy glow. The invigorating coffee scent completes the boost of freshness for your skin and soul.

Around R 92.95 // 01 Never Stop Grinding!

Highlighter beans

Not even the intense crema of your favourite espresso can top this golden glow. The highlighter beans in a cool coffee bean shape and three warm shades of gold create a unique shimmer. Use a loosely bound highlighter brush to pick up a small amount of the product from the small jar and blend softly on the highest points of the cheeks, under the

eyebrow and on the cupid's bow of the lips.

Around R 84.95 // 01 Meant To Bean Together!

New scented highlighter brush

The new scented highlighter brush takes your make-up finish to a whole new level and is the ideal partner in crime for the highlighter beans. The elegant design is not only reminiscent

of Caramel Macchiato, the highlighter brush also smells like the delicious coffee creation. The super-soft bristles are gentle on the skin and vegan.

Around R 81.95// 01 Hello Brew-Tiful!

Coffee lip scrub

For a small dose of coffee flavour on the go: the coffee lip scrub with real coffee bean particles gently exfoliates the lips while smoothing and nourishing them with rich oils.

The ultimate finish is provided by the invigorating coffee scent of the lip treatment – a boost for all senses.

Around R 54.95 // 01 Where Have You Bean All Of My Life?

The "Coffee to Glow" trend edition is available at Dis-Chem.


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