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Essence like a boss – bring out the boss-babe in you!

Have you ever wished you could apply makeup flawlessly? Well, thanks to Essence Cosmetics' recent innovations, you can now apply your makeup like a boss!

Essence cosmetics now has a line that caters to all make-up bosses. You can now use the essence range update products to apply your mascara, faux lashes, brow routine, and even remove your make-up like a boss.

Why Essence?

Essence Cosmetics is an award-winning makeup brand known for providing innovative, cruelty-free beauty products at very affordable prices.

When we talk about “Boss-Babes” one needs to look no further than Essence Founder, Christina, known to many as a fearless entrepreneurial woman who wanted to make a different cosmetics brand.

Essence was created as a fun brand for both the boss-babe who runs the world from the corporate office, but also the boss-babe who stays home and takes care of the family.

Essence Cosmetics offers both great quality and excellent prices; as a brand, they believe in high quality makeup and great prices because feeling beautiful shouldn’t be seen as a once in a while luxury, but a daily treat.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the “Like A Boss” Collection, one that will take your beauty collection from zero to hero, making you feel like a boss-babe every minute of every day.

For the Boss-Babes with Boss Brows - essence FIX IT LIKE A BOSS TRANSPARENT BROW FIXING GEL R75,95

For our Boss-Babes who need a little Lash Love - essence GROW LIKE A BOSS LASH & BROW GROWTH SERUM R137,95

For our Boss-Babes who love a little extra Lash Love - essence LASH LIKE A BOSS false lash 07 R81,95

For our Boss-Babes who love to strut their stuff - essence LASH LIKE A BOSS INSTANT VOLUME & LENGTH MASCARA ULTRA BLACK R89,95

For our Boss-Babes who love a little extra length - essence LASH LIKE A BOSS INSTANT VOLUME & LENGTH MASCARA WATERPROOF R89,95

For our Boss-Babes who lay the perfect Foundation - essence PRIME LIKE A BOSS EYESHADOW BASE R69,95

For our Boss-Babes who know never to sleep with a full face of make-up on - essence REMOVE LIKE A BOSS WATERPROOF EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER R69,95

The say, to be a Boss-babe, you should be the kind of woman that makes other woman up their game, and with the essence Like a Boss range, you’re one step closer to achieving that every application, of every day.

Love the skin you’re in, Boss-Babes! Let essence elevate and showcase your beauty!

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