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Everlasting blooms with essence.

We're swapping winter and snow for flowers and fresh colours! When it comes to our make-up, we can escape the frosty season and bring some colour and freshness to our beauty look. Inspired by gorgeous floral colours and natural dry bouquets – essence created the Trend Edition everlasting BLOOMS.

From an Eyeshadow Palette to a Lip & Cheek Stick and Nail Stickers – the colourful shades and flowery icons already bring our spring spirit to life and give us a cool look to head into the new year.

ph-reacting lip glow

Beauty from within! The transparent ph-reacting lip glow is not only a real eye-catcher, it also reacts to the natural pH value of the lips upon application. The result: it tints them with a natural pink colour. The lip glow also has a nourishing texture and a pleasant, subtle floral fragrance.

R82.95// 01 Happiness Blooms From Within

lip & cheek stick

In the mood for pink lips and rosy, soft "apple cheeks"? The lip & cheek Stick with a semi-matte finish combines lipstick and blush in just one product. Enriched with jojoba oil, it also cares for lips that are irritated by the cold and gives dry skin an extra portion of freshness.

R82.95 // 01 Live Life In Full Bloom!

duo highlighter

A highlighter conjures-up an alert look, makes the lips look fuller and the nose look narrower – a real all-rounder. So it's no wonder that it's part of this Trend Edition. And with concentrated power: the duo highlighter combines the sensation of rosé and gold particles. Simply apply on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, under the brow arch and over the lips with a brush or your finger and blend to give your face a radiant glow. Its unique floral embossment is also a special wow factor.

R99.95// 01 Bloom Wild & Shine Bright!

eyeshadow palette

The everlasting BLOOMS eyeshadow palette features nine floral colours – from radiant fuchsia and pink shades to bold purple tones and golden accents – this Eyeshadow Palette is guaranteed to create fresh looks and bloomy vibes. The finishes range from matte to shimmery to glittery nuances and are highly-pigmented. The glitter particles are microplastic-free. An integrated mirror makes it easy to apply touch-ups on the go. The packaging with floral embossing makes handling the palette very special.

R164.95 // 01 Choose What Makes Your Heart Bloom

nail glow beautifier

Drum roll, please! Here it is, the nail glow beautifier! A transparent nail polish with a hint of pink for visibly gorgeous nails with a shiny finish. It is ideal for use on top of the stickers and, thanks to its subtle floral scent and rich rosehip oil, it ensures visibly perfected and well-groomed nails.

R56.95 // 01 Bloom Beautifully.

blossom nail oil

For beautifully well-groomed hands and nails, this Trend Edition also includes a nail oil with real petals. Thanks to the hydrating glycerine ingredient, the nails are optimally nourished and are supplied with sufficient moisture. After using the nail oil, the hands also have a fresh blossom fragrance.

R63.95 // 01 Let Your Dreams Blossom!

scented nail stickers

Bloomy Nailart! The nail stickers in a floral design and rosé gold metallic highlights make it easy to enhance any nail. The best thing is that the stickers also have the wonderful scent of cherry blossoms... mmmhhhh! Simply use a nail polish of your choice as a base. No matter whether it's transparent, neon or nude. Of course, the nail stickers really stand out on transparent nail polish and... shhh, the Trend Edition offeres the perfect product for this.

R38.95 // 01 Create Flowering Memories.



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