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FITNESS FRIDAY LIVE weekly on youtube - with Liezel van der Westhuizen.

Fitness Friday LIVE with Liezel, is a live weekly show, where fitness enthusiast, Personal Branding Coach, and TV/Radio Presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen interviews a guest on her show - streamed LIVE to Youtube and Facebook [@LiezelOnline].

At midday (CAT) every Friday, a guest who is knowledgeable in fitness, experienced in the sports industry, is a prolific figure in health or wellness, or is just unique and intriguing, is interviewed by Virtual Emcee Liezel - getting answers in real-time from her guest that week, on burning fitness and wellness-related questions from the viewers.

Viewers to the Fitness Friday LIVE show, stretch out worldwide, including some in Kenya and New Zealand.

As a renowned fitness enthusiast, Liezel received a large amount of health and fitness-related questions, throughout the national lockdown.

The Fitness Friday LIVE show is born from Liezel’s early national lockdown online Fitness Gig Guide, which gave audiences across her social network platforms [@LiezelOnline] daily doses of where to catch the hottest verified virtual workouts - cutting through the overwhelming amount of fitness options flowing out.

Fitness Friday LIVE, now streaming weekly on YouTube, and Facebook [@LiezelOnline], gets health and fitness-related answers for viewers, but is also a platform for an event organiser who has an upcoming event that could use a shout-out for, and for seasoned trainers to spill all their tips and secrets.

To date, Fitness Friday has been entertaining and informing viewers around the world every Friday at midday (CAT), with wisdom from the best of the best, including:

· Why dance could be the key to your optimal fitness and empowerment, with Takkies Dinwiddy (Fitness Personality and innovative dance workout creator)

· How to overcome bullying, with Elton Davids (Olympic Qualified Coach)

· The perks of shopping with a certain Health Retailer, with Kate Aitken (Wellness Warehouse, Marketing Manager)

· Where wool fits in with fitness, with Monica Ebert (Core Merino, International Brand Development Manager)

Tune in weekly via YouTube:

Follow Liezel's journey online:

Facebook: @liezelonline

Instagram: @liezelonline

Twitter: @liezelv

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