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FITNESS TALK: One-on-one with DOMESTIC T20 Challenge Cricketer, Prenelan Subrayen.

When it comes to being a domestic T20 Challenge cricketer, fitness is a daily task and

considered one of the main priorities, not only on the field but off the field as well.

Pushing one’s body to its maximum requires professional cricketers to not only exceed personal limits but also challenge themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When it comes to the fitness regime of a professional cricketer, one might be surprised to learn the ins and outs of the dynamic approach taken by different athletes to meet personal goals as well as playing needs such as perfecting their bowling swing or becoming faster in their run-up.

We caught up with Prenelan Subrayen of the Hollywoodbets Dolphins to gain some insight into his personal fitness journey and what his athletic outlook looks like.

How often do you train?

5-7 Days a week, depending on my weekly preparation and what competition we’re playing

at the time.

 What does your typical gym routine consist of?

I’m not a big fan of gym, I follow my trainer’s lead with muscle groups and rehabilitation

when training.

 Do you follow a specific diet or nutrition plan to support your cricket performance?

No strict diets or nutrition but keeping active is the best.

Do you engage in any other fitness activities outside of cricket training?

I play Indoor football and competitive fishing.

What role does fitness play in your life as a professional cricketer?

Fitness helps in all areas of both personal and professional sports, especially when it comes

to body conditioning; mind and stress relief. Being fit helps me concentrate longer on the field and I’m able maintain a certain level of performance for longer periods of time.

 What advice would you give to someone looking to make fitness more enjoyable?

Just see the positives in it and team up with a friend to make it more fun.

What is your number one fitness tip/trick?

Don’t cheat. You’re only cheating yourself and that will be to your own detriment.

What’s your number one fitness must-have accessory?

A good pair of tekkies is always a win.

What motivates you when training to always give 100% to the task at hand?

My personality in training and on the field. I’m very pedantic and particular when it comes to

my training. I’m a firm believer in ‘Perfect training makes perfect’, and in the game that

makes it a lot easier.

Who has played an important role in your sporting journey?

My dad. Whether giving me advice on and off the field or just being there as a support

structure for me. He’s played a massive part in where I am now. No one regime fits all, which is evident when it comes to professional sportsmen. However, when it comes to being the best, Prenelan proves that what you put in is what you get out.

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