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Four reasons to try light wines today.

The good news is that South African wine producers have stayed abreast of trends and there is such a thing as a lower alcohol, lower calorie wine available. So, if you still have intentions of dropping a few holiday kilograms or being more considerate with your alcohol intake, you don’t have to cut wine completely. Here are four reasons to try a light wine today:

1. Full of flavour Don’t be fooled by the light wine options on the market. You might be trading calories and alcohol content, but you aren’t trading the flavour. A light white wine like Robertson Winery Cultivar Light Chenin Blanc is light and refreshing, allowing you to still appreciate the tropical fruit with floral notes that a chenin is best known for. In contrast, a low-alcohol red wine like Robertson Winery Cultivar Light Merlot, is more subtle than that of a higher ABV (Alcohol by volume) red wine, but its intense aromas of plum, mulberry, cinnamon and spice are still there for you to savour.

2. Moderation is in

Internationally, a move to a more considered approach to alcohol is underway and South Africa is following suit. Drinking in excess is never a good idea, so with a lower alcohol alternative, you can rest assured that you’ll still feel great the next day.

3. Lower in calories and sugar Lower alcohol wines are lower in calories. Be rid of the guilt surrounding your nightly indulgence and enjoy!

4. Enjoy better sleep One too many drinks is all it takes to ruin a good night's rest. With a lighter wine you can enjoy the festivities of the evening and have a well-rested, full night's sleep.

Riekie Viljoen, from Robertson Winery says the light wine category has grown substantially in recent years as South African consumers become more focused on health and wellness. “People are looking to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverage without the stress of overindulging in alcohol content or calories.”

The Robertson Winery Cultivar Light range was relaunched with bright, floral packaging in late 2022 and includes a Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage Rose and Merlot. The wine retails for a recommended retail price of between R65 and R75 per 750ml bottle. Stay up to date with all things wine

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